Next, to the BIOS section where a lot of interesting information is waiting to be read. The two Canterwood boards take home the memory tests as could be expected but the margins between the two are really slim. With the IS7 series they take the whole thing one step further and again they raise the bar a bit over the competitors. Coupled with a 2. There are plenty of memory ratios, 1:

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ABIT IS7-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iPE Overview – CNET

Do you consider the “DaveC Test” as the only way to judge a system? Auto, Turbo, Chipse Racer and F1 are the available settings. What more can be connected? Posted by Butuz – Wed 30 Jun The conclusion is, perfect accessibility and a bit high price. No Interruptions Day Shortbread.

All times are GMT Just as we had expected. If you feel a need for extra features you just add some money and buy a IS7-G. Intel have provided the consumer with a performance chipset for those on a relative budget.

To connect or disconnect the connector is thus a messy business, not the least in a well-filled chassis.


During our tests we used a resolution of xx32bit and an update frequency of 90Hz. UT Demo v xx32bit, Flyby.

ABIT IS7-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE Series

Not an easy choice on what card one should choose. Thin and long piano fingers facilitate.

Abiy performed tests are as follow:. As of yet we can only congratulate ABIT for their never ending innovations. Well, the prices for equally equipped Springdale boards are quite the same regardless what manufacturer we choose. This will just confuse the already confused consumer. Comanche 4 Demo Benchmark xx32bit.

ABIT never stops to surprise. Posted by Skeps chipet Wed 30 Jun The specs Let’s start out with the bare facts by looking at the specs chioset the IS7. Once again the differences between boards of the same chipset are very small. We are getting pretty tired of criticizing this. All these are built on the same solid platform and the only differences are how much integrated features the cards have been equipped with.

Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff!

Abit IS7-G iPE Motherboard Review –

Click to find out more. You ask “will this machine be ok? Most of you have probably already read countless of reviews of these boards by now since, as we mentioned, are a little late out with our review, but we hope that we can make a handful of you a little more informed. By activating this function, the performance is supposed to be drastically increased and the IS7 boards to crush the competition.


The IS7-boards linger slightly behind the two Canterwood boards but compared to each other they perform quite alike. Thanks to the updated BIOS all tests could be run with as memory timings.

With the IS7 series they take the whole thing one step further and again they raise the bar a bit over the competitors. As you’ll see in the benchmarks, GAT ls7 quite a bit of difference in performance, which raises the question: If we just had a little more DIMM voltage to play with, the board would have received a The rest of BIOS follows the usual design with a system monitoring section, a section for the integrated features and so on.