Da lobe ich mir bislang meine alten “S. Playback is dynamic and detailed; instruments and voices are reproduced with remarkable finesse, plasticity and authenticity. And it seems, AER final the worlds full range quality. AER drivers have changed the way I look at high end sound in a positive way and I admire the philosophy behind the design. I would like to say hello to all high end audio manufacturers all over the world and want to build a relationship between the magazine and high end company. I need those parameters to simulate the pistonic frequency range behavior of the system before I make a selection between the two.

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RSS Feed of thread. Kindest Regards Onur I. I was blown away both times!!!

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Gruss von Rolf Z. I let you informed. After that, your speakers will play at a much higher level than before. Especially Track 4 ;o I love playing this music LOUD in the car on hot days with the windows open and frightening the sheisen out of cyclists: Make the information on this image better by adding what you know. I need to install them into my speakers. Thank you for sharing the plans.


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Bythe original “local, critical, and theatrical” record, became “The Daily Morning Chronicle,” proposing “to publish a bold, mmd1b, fearless and truly independent newspaper, independent in all things, neutral in nothing. Unfortunately we cannot offer spare parts for sale, nor can we repair loudspeakers other than our own. My guess is they are only available on CD.

If you continue browsing we consider you accept the use of cookies. These tonal qualities make this speaker ideal for lovers of jazz and classical music. Please send us your export prices on all the products.

Please re-direct it to the intended recipient. I’m quite happy with the speakers but still looking for improvements Isn’t this the main driver for our hobby? See our other membership options.

Listener reactions Dear Sirs, I read some articles regarding the quality true full ranges. Glad you liked what you heard. It is a pity that I could not test your drive before Of course we will also repair kd1b AER driver, should it be necessary. The Pnoe is an uncompromising speaker whose performance does not only inspire the friends of purely analog reproduction systems.


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It is equipped with excellent dynamics, subtle music playback and a superb room simulation. The Axjet is a speaker md1g with digital room correction, which sets completely new standards when playing music. Now I’m doing a little research and have two questions If you like the Klesmer stuff, you may want to check out some of Galactic’s stuff. Start your 7-day Free Trial Get Access to this image and everything else on Fold3 Access to over millions of documents.

Ich habe zu Danken! Kind regards Timothy H. If you play him, you will experience a Qer at the special class. And I am the designer of the Singular enclosure for Mr.

San Francisco Chronicle Content Source: Please, inform me prices and some Q details of this drivers, and more a Freq x md1h graphic if you have on hand, for compare this both drivers response x price.