Yes, effectively we cannot download this hotfix yet: Ulysses 31’s System Specs Motherboard. I installed this hotfix last night and enabled MLAA through the control panel. Originally Posted by anthonyl Just installed these and within seconds of starting a round of BF2 and for the first time in many years As a result, my framerate takes a hit when I play Black Ops.

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I’m now waiting for hotfix Z! Otherwise why bother and waste development resources twice?

Just install this version, and I’m having an issue with it. It was planned this way, but whatever comes with hotfixes is usually incorporated into final versions.

I put all settings on normal no AA and turned off vsync and it was staying around 30 to 50 fps.

For now you will have to keep it disabled unless you want to run a game. Originally Posted by Quasar12 Just install this version, and I’m having an issue with it. My windows just turned a slight pink tinge when I tried to open CCC. If you have an issue with what you said, please resolve hotflx in private. Hey guys, were giving you more enhancements, and some performance increases. Atleast Hitfix is working!


New AMD Catalyst e Hotfix Available | [H]ard|Forum

ForcemanNov 12, In fact, anything to do with Java was completely blurred out! Oh and the link works fine for me.

Log in or Sign up. Infact, my monitor has it’s own colour temp settings so I just had to dabble a bit.

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I think this pink hue issue isn’t really much of an issue. The problem with this method is that they are not fixing specific problems with CCC itself such as the the pink tint problem.

Advertisement Guests Only Login or Register to remove this ad. Originally Posted by Ulysses The download link on AMD’s site isn’t working now.

Nov 13, Jun 7, Originally Posted by caveman-jim. Maybe this will be a permanent part of policy if we’re lucky. Nov 12, Arthur Hucksake catalysst, Nov 14, Originally Posted by acroig Is there a reason that you know of?

AMD Catalyst e Hotfix Drivers Released – Windows 7 Only – EVGA Forums

I figure with 2 ‘s I should be blowing this game out of the water but as of right now the performance issues with the game still suck ass. I found the working url https: You need to clean up 10.0e install, remove traces of old drivers etc. Nov 7, AMD really needs a better web developer. Support for new stereoscopic 3D capable cataltst was also added.


I don’t want to let go of my morph AA Quasar12’s System Specs Motherboard.