It compiles but is untested, are you able to test this for me? The version of gparted in my ppa doesn’t rely on kpartx like the repository version. Very satisfying to be able to replace a failed hard drive with less than half an hours down time. The worst is server downtime. This bug is ancient, and perhaps nobody cares anymore, but I’ve figured out a bit more about where we are left with respect to this. However, as the popularity of an integrated RAID controller board, this technology can be used in our daily life.

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I have the previously used hard drive with the same size. I did some calculations based on the disk size, and it seems with the 8TB array the sector count in the metadata is sectors less than what it should be.

I’m sure this was just an oversight on part of the author as otherwise Falko Timmes RAID howtos have been very correct and god send. Exactly what I needed to add to my toolbox.

Evey time my server reboots it seems to put the drives in diffrent dev nods. Exactly what I needed the array is rebuilding right now.

Both dumps are attached.

Re: List of chipsets supported?

Once upgraded it sh710 output: The answer is ‘yes’, easily found in the man page once I knew the option existed. Perhaps in order to deal with this discrepancy, there is code in dmraid userland to ignore any drive whose sector size is not Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.


I’m having some difficulty tracking anything down about this on the Internet. Anyway, thanks to Falko Timme for a great and to-the-point howto.

Current, Only just type gpated. Hi, Unfortunately the package is still waiting to be built by the Ubuntu servers. Dump the current GPT to a file First 17kB of array in total I think and then recreate the GPT using gparted or gdisk creating the same partition layout and dump it again.

The other problem is that it looks like the Windows driver pretends the disk has a larger sector size when you go over 2 TiB, and the kernel device-mapper driver does not have a way to change the sector size, so the kernel would need patched.

I created these dumps by running:. In the RAID management system.

[ubuntu] [SOLVED] AMD SB and Raid 0

I don’t have a choice about switching OSes because of work ab710. Are you using bit windows? I have been doing some testing with Danny’s patch, and it seems something is still missing Thanks for the information, though once the drive has failed, all data will be lost, so I guess this is more of a consolation, for me.

I can see Main and backup partition tables differ! Find More Posts by pan Can anyone point me to linjx this package is actually developed, though?


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This bug did not have a package associated with it, which is important for ensuring that it gets looked at by the proper developers. Gr8, just repaird a faulty drive in my server, ubuntu I want to get the RAID1 mirror working again.

Granted, that isn’t Debian, but it kept me from trying because I was in a crunch. The other useful section is on saving the partition table, and using this to build a new drive. So for example if I run it in the terminal I get this output I have jmicron and intel raids: Thanks for lonux clear guide.

Re: List of chipsets supported?

Then the load of the HDD writing to two partitions simultaneously will be reduced. OK well the debug stuff all looks fine. If that’s right, we might be able to work around this whole mess, having our dual-boot cake and eating it, too, by creating multiple volumes of size less than 2TB, keeping MBR on them as linux db710 not grok GPT-partitioned dynamic disks and using LDM to piece them together.