A standard 4-pin modular connector, commonly used in North America for connecting telephones. Net income loss per common share: Resale agreements with respect to complementary products, for example, with C-Cor for their operational support systems software and with Ellacoya for their peer-to-peer flow control. The embedded product base, failure rates, cost to repair and warranty periods are used as a basis for calculating the estimate. We believe that international opportunities exist and continue to strategically invest in worldwide marketing efforts, which have yielded some promising results in several regions. Consolidation of our customers has, and may in the future, affect their purchases of our products. In connection with the exchange, we made a make-whole interest payment of approximately 0.

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We believe that our audit provides a reasonable basis for our opinion. Below is a table which summarizes the activity in the restructuring reserve in millions:. We also provide, via a charge to current cost of sales, estimated expected costs associated with non-recurring product failures. As the time period between the establishment of technological feasibility and general release of internally developed software to its customers is generally short, no material development costs are incurred during this period and, therefore, no such costs have been capitalized to date.

450v hold short-term investments consisting of debt securities classified as available-for-sale, which are stated at estimated fair value. We also sell products to traditional telephone companies, local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, and other businesses. We develop and supply equipment and technology for cable system operators and other broadband service providers that allow them to deliver a full range of integrated voice, video and data services to their subscribers.

The purchase price was equal to the net tangible and intangible assets acquired. Our laboratories are equipped with arrs management servers and Media Gateways from various manufacturers.


The percentage can areis, based on the arrie of cash receipts. You can even hook up two separate com.

Integrated Broadcom Propane technology enables connection of more Internet users without additional broadband. As highlighted earlier, we have faced, and in the future will face, significant changes in our industry and business. In the first quarter ofwe had substantially completed the retirement of the notes dueand had sufficient funds to retire the balance and maintain sufficient liquidity for our business. We also resell products from hundreds of strategic supplier-partners, which include widely recognized brands to small specialty manufacturers.

cable modem 450b

Some of our competitors, notably Cisco, Motorola and Scientific-Atlanta, are larger companies with greater financial resources and product breadth than us. Recognized unrealized loss on marketable securities.

Installation can be as simple as making three connections and restarting your com. Even if the financial health of those companies and other customers improve, we cannot assure you 4500b these customers will be in a position to purchase new equipment at levels we have seen in the past.

SG :: Arris Touchstone CMA Cable Modem

Concentrations with respect to accounts receivable occur as the Company sells primarily to large, well-established companies including companies outside of the United States.

We have an exclusive agreement with Cox Communications to supply Cornerstone Voice and Touchstone Telephony 40b and arrsi at favorable pricing based on volume commitments. Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements for a summary of our quarterly consolidated financial information. The majority of our sales are to cable system operators worldwide.

All options granted under the previous plans are still exercisable. We assess whether an amount due from a customer is fixed and determinable based on the terms of the agreement with the customer, including, but not limited to, the payment terms associated with the transaction.



ARRIS and its competitors have responded to the creation of this new standard. Support simultaneous use of USB and Ethernet ports. We may dispose of existing product lines or acquire new product lines in transactions that may adversely impact us and our future results.

The company has taken initial arrks to restructure agris through its bankruptcy proceedings, including obtaining debtor in possession financing. The impact of the adoption on our future results of operations will be dependent upon levels of share-based payments granted in the future, and therefore, cannot be reasonably estimated.

This decision to reorganize was due in part to the ongoing weakness in industry spending patterns. The expected long-term rate of return on assets is derived using the building block approach which includes assumptions for the long term inflation rate, real return, and equity risk premiums.

Arris Touchstone CM450A

ARRIS uses the liability method of accounting for income taxes, which requires recognition aeris temporary differences between financial statement and income tax bases of assets and liabilities, measured by enacted tax rates. Our March purchase of the assets of Atoga Systems resulted in the acquisition of five U. The impairment loss in is in relation to an investment in a start-up company, which raised a new round of financing at a substantial discount in early July D-Link Router — DN Shipping documents, proof of delivery and customer acceptance when applicable are used to verify delivery.