Sorry I can not provide an answer to your question but I am very interested in the responses others may give. See the Correcting for Problems also in the menu on the left. Up until now I ‘ve only been able to access my LX mount from one program. Your Pi posts inspire and inform – thanks. A new nightime session will be required to test the overall behaviour of the full system using MetaGuide. Verify that it is set up the correct COM port, etc.

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However be careful of the signs. It seemed to happen when I was trying to make a connection to my Aurora Cloud Sensor coincidence, or not? MetaGuide didn’t worked properly during the S session on Looking at forums and information online, it looked like the problem was possibly due to some interference with the LX’s GPS system and such that it couldn’t see the satellites that it was expecting.

Please read the note for Windows 7 or Windows XP as it applies to you. The scope goes to the coordinates, and the dome slews simultaneously.

POTH setup help?

You may need to ensure that all applications accessing the mount have the same privilege. I can slew from either the planetarium software or other software such as APT.


I now realise that i didnt communicatie clearly enough. Share Share this post on Digg Del. I have tried both but to date have failed to see any significant difference. Canon D; Various EPs, etc.

POTH Information

Any specific commands for the dome to slew will turn off slaving, and the slew will execute. I am leaving this detail in case someone in the future has the same problem and stumbles into this thread.

It axcom like a driver, but it can allow more than one program to connect to it, and it in turn connects to the driver for the real device. A new nightime session will be required to test the overall behaviour of the full system using MetaGuide. Geometry parameters for GEMs located in domes are defined at the following link: This session things went normally for a while.

Conditions where poor wind, declining aascom transparency, frost on ST sensorbut the results seemed to show that the autoguiding was ironing out the arc sec bumps in Asocm with s period that have been affecting the scope.

Along the way, it took on some additional features. It also links to the dome driver poty does the donkey work of moving the dome. So far so good That generated the error!

Automatic pier flip is never triggered by POTH. For the benefit of others trying this Calibration progress bar then should the calibraton getting so far and then seeming stop and not go any further. Calibrated using much longer calibration steps than previous session ie ms instead of ms – Calibration later complained that steps were few in number and that calibration might be inaccurate but PHD2 decides itself the number of steps to make! Now, on to the shutter motor installation The connection to TheSky6 was terminated but the scope was found to still be active and pointing high in the Asfom Sky, when I went out the observatory to close things down.


The check boxes are used only to indicate capabilities of the Scope, Dome and Focuser.

It also gives access to some POTH behavior:. The dome and focus areas will be revealed. Gina, I hate these iffy connections. It presumably then passively waits for someone to tell it where to go. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.