It means you can now listen to more music, watch your favorite movies or tv shows, and get a lot of work done – all without having to worry about your laptop slowing down. The average battery gets up to charges or life cycles. It is aimed at students and home users on a budget. This does not seem to impact performance so far however, with the system coping with all admittedly tame tasks I have thrown at it. This battery is manufactured using the highest quality battery cells with integrated charge indicator LEDs. The vocals however are clear and would suffice for when some background music is required.

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Asus A8Fm Battery [6 Cells mAh V Black]

Through high quality headphones, the integrated audio sounds acceptable with a fairly low noise floor. An external sound card would be recommended for those with higher demands however.

I attained stable voltages of 0. As you can see, this a substantial improvement, and given the stability of the undervolts I fail to see why anybody would not do this axus their own system.

This makes travelling with it very easy indeed. Now, what you should do is invest in a high quality battery. LaptopBatteryOne’s premium Asus batteries, for example, are some of the very best and provide long run-times. The vocals however are clear and would suffice for when some background music is required. I actually got my MemoryStick stuck in the slot since the cards are literally consumed in the space.


ASUS A8FM T Core 2 Duo Laptop | Asianic Distributors Inc. Philippines

A flaw I would like to mention is the opening mechanism for the screen, which involves a tiny, recessed switch that requires a lot of fiddling to actually open the lid. A knife was my eventual solution in getting the card out though this may because I was using a ProDuo to full-size adaptor. The A8F has a decent number of ports. The long battery life and silence make it the perfect choice for students looking to work in a lecture or in the library.

Separate buttons and a more defined touchpad would be an improvement. To cut a long story short, the Asus A8F was within audii and met all requirements. Audil am not entirely sure why having wireless off has so little effect:. Use it to keep your laptop battery working for many hours between charges. The weight is very reasonable at 2. HDTune measures the hard drive performance of a system.

Although the Asus A8F is very plain, it manages to look attractive and understated. Asus includes a recovery partition in addition to a destructive restore disk.

Asus A8F Notebook Review

Knowing her penchant for treating technology badly however, the gloss black lid was unlikely to stay perky for long. Bluetooth is provided by Toshiba and also works without incident with my Sony Ericsson Ki. The touchpad was definitely a ashs for this system to me. Please, log in or register.


The plastic used in construction is of a decent quality with a good finish, especially on the lid which fortunately does not collect fingerprints easily. Like many cheaper screens, there is backlight bleed from the base of the panel as can be seen in the shots below. This notebook computer is most comfortable with general computing tasks and flies through them all without a hitch. Asus A8F next to Acer Aspire view large image. I would go as far to say that the lowest brightness is unusable in all but the darkest environments.

This battery is manufactured using the highest quality battery cells with integrated charge indicator LEDs.

Keyboards are a very subjective piece of equipment so it a8tm difficult to comment objectively, but for my money I disliked typing on it. I have no experience with tech support at this time obviously due to the short ownership time.

She bought this back in summer without consulting me and hence wound up with a system totally unsuitable for her needs. The sound, as on almost all laptops, is poor from the speakers and lacks any bass.