This may be a limitation of the C-Media chip handling the recording duties for the Meridian 2G. When talking over Windows Messenger and Skype, friends stated we were exceptionally clear and that we should not speak so closely to the microphone. Although The X-Meridian was soon in demand, its core audio chipset was in short supply. With a name like X-Meridian 2G, the guys at Auzentech have a tough act to follow, is the design up to the task? For those looking for digital connectivity, there is one coaxial input and one coaxial output jack. OpenAL is only supported in software under Vista and Windows 7 with this card and is not hardware accelerated.

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For music testing, we used a set of Corsair SP 2.

The card offers a very balanced musical sound quality that keeps you interested and involved in your auzentwch. There are dozens of cut scenes throughout. We experienced good imaging with game sound using headphones, no matter what volume level we used.

Crosstalk is sound from one channel that tends to leak into the other. OpAmps are very simple to change but they are very delicate. If you are an avid gamer, you may find the rating meriddian honest and refreshing, but would you still consider buying the card? We re-entered the game, and proceeded to the same point where we heard our enemies approaching before.

Auzentech X-Meridian 2G PCI Reviews and Ratings – TechSpot

Every time we viewed a cut scene, we appreciated the score as well as the clean reproduction of character voices. Auzentech uses the same sound chipsets as its competitors, Creative Labs, HTOmega, and ASUS, do in its cards, and it always customizes its board designs to expand hardware features and performance for PC audio enthusiasts.


Auzentech became the first third party company to license and produce sound cards based on Creative’s praised X-Fi chipset. The front panel audio out provided by the X-Meridian 2G is the best we have ever heard. Recording The X-Meridian 2G has two microphone inputs, one for the front panel and one for the back panel. The software features listed above may auzebtech obligatory or commonplace to some of our readers, but we feel it is necessary to highlight their inclusion.

For two channel stereo listening, we simply had to connect the front channel out to a set of Corsair SP 2. The card is PCI 2.

Although The X-Meridian was soon auzentrch demand, its core audio chipset was in short supply. On either side of each OpAmp, Auzentech placed a pair of quality Nichicon capacitors to filter merdiian last electrical noise that might otherwise make its way to your speakers.

Again, both cards showed very good results across the frequency range. Some users claim the native PCI version of both of those cards sound better, but others say there is simply no difference whatsoever. Later, inside the observatory, we could place all of our attackers as they moved around the round room. Auzenntech driver CD also has a PDF manual for the sound card and Media Monkey limited edition for music playback which we will install later for music testing.


Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G Sound Card Review

We are hoping for a nearly straight, flat line here. Driving through d city was exceptional. Four years later, Auzentech has returned to C-Media for sound chipsets, and the company has released its long-awaited X-Meridian 7. The X-Meridian 2G sound card was released in December, but we have not found many third party suppliers of the card online.

Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G PCI

The X-Meridian 2G has two microphone inputs, one for the front panel and one for the back panel. While hardly the cheapest sound card out there, the Meridian 2G is certainly one to look out for.

The second tab allows a user to select or mute individual playback and recording levels. The X-Tension DIN adds additional input and output capabilities for the card and we will discuss those later in the review. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We chose EAX 2.

[H]ardOCP: Auzentech X-Meridian 2G Sound Card Review

For example, if we came close to hitting another car, we could hear the driver shouting behind us as we passed by. Tech Support Like many other large tech companies, Auzentech does not offer phone based tech support. Expert reviews and ratings By Bit-tech.