I can install it on a VM and then install it to the hard drive? Your ram is irrelevant. I am currently downloading Backtrack, but I’m worried that I won’t have the space needed for installation, or to even download for that matter. And if so do I have to install it again on a dvd with virtualbox? Well will get the DVD.

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I failed to install through the process even though Backtrack helped me partitioning the hard drive. It has many hacking tools built in.

BackTrack 5 R3 Installation on Windows 7

I really like your tutorials and I am interested in putting Backtrack on my Windows 7 computer, but should I create a partition for installing Backtrack? BackTrack is a Linux distribution with hacking tools built in.

If you really want BackTrack, you can download it from many torrent sites. It does not show up.

I cannot download the Backtrack or maybe I cannot found it. Is there an easier approach? I’m sure it’s at least a little different, but is it doable for the average person or should I try to find somewhere else to get BT5? It is built into BackTrack 5.


The drivers are part of the kernel and that is more or less the same versions maybe slightly older or newer between distros across all Linux based distros. No, your physical machine can have unlimited OS’s.

I used normal Backtrack 5 instead of R3 like you said. Hello master OTW, is this tutorial just for linux? Thank you for your extended help and impeccable patience.

wireless networking – Backtrack, Wi-Fi not working – Super User

Are you asking how to connect to a wireless AP? If you want to follow my hacksyou backtrakc BackTrack—period. Backtrack is at last up and running. Sir I decided to install Kali wierless as dual boot to my win 8 pc.

I tried to install from both inside the live mode and through graphical install doesn’t effect much although it said something like “Kernel didn’t match”. I decided to install Kali linux as dual boot to my win 8 pc.

It will not harm your Windows. OK thank you, i didn’t expect anyone to respond.


If I mess things up myself. The problem probably came when you came to screen with the partitioning. Are backtrsck any programs that you would recommend?

I was informed that the following applications could not be installed:. I’m beginning to wonder whether do downloaded the correct version of BackTrack5. Did you download the correct version of BackTrack i. Are you asking how to delete files? May 7th, 5.

I’m not saying it’s impossible but it may not be possible without writing your own drivers. We have switched over to using Kali now. Not sure what the problem is. There are many excellent tutorials on the web on how to partition your drive.