Ignoring this warning could cause serious injury or even death. If the original contains any intermediate colors, they are compared with the threshold value and determined to be either black or white accordingly. Setting Originals Originals 17 Recommended Sizes and Weights of Originals 17 Difficult to Detect Sizes 18 Original Sizes and Scanning Area 19 Setting Originals 20 Setting the Original on the Contact Glass 20 Setting the Original in the Auto Document Feeder ADF 21 4. Don’t have an account? All other trademarks are. This Scanner Is Currently Unavailable or Discontinued This record has been provided to help you find parts for your scanner. While the D FB represents the top end of our high-performance flatbed scanner family.

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Bell & Howell FB Series D – flatbed scanner Overview – CNET

Keyword Features If Flatbed option is also checked, only scanners with both features will be found. Hkwell this caution could cause injury or damage to property. Read all of these instructions and keep them for later reference. Page 9 Table of Contents 3. Appendices Document Size Detection This function automatically detects the width of the original, and sends the information to the personal computer. If liquid has been spilled into the machine.

Warning This symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation that might result in death or serious injury when you misuse the machine without following the instructions under this symbol. Appendices Maintenance 33 Cleaning the Scanner 33 Cleaning the Contact Glass, Slit Glass, White Sheet, and Platen 34 Cleaning the Feed Roller and Drum 34 Cleaning the White Roller Duplex Model Only 36 Moving the Scanner 38 Carrying the Scanner a Short Distance 39 Shipping the Scanner Table Of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Safety Information i Safety During Operation i Examples 2000v Indications i Important Information iv How to Read This Manual vi 1.


Sidekick 43ppm Color Duplex 8.

Bell And Howell 2000 FB User Manual

If a low value is set, the image will become darker overall. Examples of Indications Symbol R means a situation that requires you take care. Page 20 Preparing for Installation Set up the scanner in a location where the temperature and humidity will fall within the ranges shown below. Ngenuity DC ppm Color Duplex 12×40″. Note Make sure that the white sheet does not lie on the scales.

Appendices Gamma Correction The following types of gamma correction are possible.

Setting up the Scanner Installation space Set up the scanner in a location where there is enough space to provide the clearance shown in the figure below. Moving The Scanner 6. Area Extraction Functions Area Extraction This function extracts and scans a specified rectangular area within a scanning area.

Functions Halftone Scanning Halftone scanning converts the original into an image consisting of pseudo-halftones produced by dot shading in which shading is achieved through combinations of black and white dots, as in newspaper photographs.

And to the environment. Unchecking this box will not hide scanners that can accept imprinter units. Brightness Functions Brightness The brightness can be adjusted to levels.


Be sure to read the instructions, all of which are described in the Safety Information section. This function is used to output an original that contains intermediate tones on an output device that can express intermediate tones for a single pixel, such as a display or a Dye Sublimation printer.

What is the standard lead time for parts that are on back order? When overlapping areas are set, the area that was set last takes priority. Examples Of Indications Safety Information When using your machine, the following safety precautions should be always be followed Safety During Operation In this manual, the following important symbols are used: If the manual scanning function is used, then communications between the scanner and the personal computer are no longer needed in cases where it is necessary to set the original in the scanner one sheet at a time, for example.

Sharp Emphasizes the contrast, resulting in a sharp scanned image. Page 6 Important Information The rectangular area is specified by specifying the coordinates of the upper left corner of the rectangle, and the vertical and horizontal lengths.

Throughput Rates Landscape dpi dpi. However, different models of output devices have different characteristics. When you move the machine, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet to avoid fire or electric shock.