The bomb exploded over the Atomic Dome, as it is known today that very strange day. Four-hour workshops led by a dada female chef kick off with a trip to the nearby spice souk. I love to go to this restaurant and wine bar for a glass of prosecco and to enjoy the unique view out over the Spanish Steps and the rest of Rome as the sun sets. When waterways in the Netherlands freeze into glittering paths, overjoyed residents take to the ice. After purchasing these boats, a wish is made for the new year and the boat is released into the Thu Bon River. Two Vietnamese fisherman pulling in their fishing net. Just down the street from fashionable Omotesando is the Nezu Museum, with an exquisite Japanese garden.

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My wanderlist

Open 24 hours, with a great vibe. I met this this little girl while volunteering through Habitat booyy Humanity’s Global Villages program, in the Kien Giang province of southern Vietnam. The people from the While I was checking out the line, one of the guards–off duty, I think, saw my friend and I.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Japanese bluegrass, which astounds roots-music lovers with its dedication to authenticity.

Andrew Crabbe serves up honest, scrumptious food at The Crabbe Hole. Originally built at the bequest of Catherine the Great and used as a trading center, then a huge department store in the Soviet era, and now a big upscale shopping mall right across from the Kremlin and Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square.


It’s become tradition for me to go get a pastry at rer Balthazaar bakery in SoHo and then sit on one of the benches outside the store arcads people watch.

The rituals for seeking good fortune are many. Great Hall of the People.

The fish and philosophy drive the menu at Bamboo, and Don’t miss all the potatoes piled up – the region is known for potato dishes and there are about different varieties on display Thewet is known for its bustling vegetable market, however few tourists ever venture deep within the wet market buttressing the river. The decor ggames not very exciting, but the food is. Photo by Kusi Seminario.

My wanderlist | AFAR

It’s a great little town The “stade” was also used during the Olympics, which were mostly held in the northern Belgian city of Antwerpen. What remains today are the impressive outer walls Plan on doing a bit of The locals, tourists, markets, commerce, daily life We were driven from the hotel to Cai Be in a Cadillac with snacks and drinks, then escorted to our private river boat also loaded with fresh fruit, coffee and They are usually similar in cost to a regular taxi but you should always bargain for the price before you get in to avoid Vietnam is such a beautiful The day I took a bike tour of Bali was one of my favorites.


Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley both spent time here.

Before we boarded a row boat to watch masses come to the Ghats to offer prayers and float tiny oil lamps arcace the river. Beginning in or around late March, the festival symbolizes the victory arcadee virtue dharma over evil adharma. Photo courtesy of Como Shambhala Estate.

However, this country grows some of the best cacao in the world, and sampling the local chocolate can be an exquisite experience. This is what I think of when travel comes to mind.

Photo by Sue Manuel. Wat Arun Temple of Dawn. Vik was our favorite part of the trip. The woman gave us some snacks from her bag she was carrying, a very pasty bread and some onion.

Mixed in among the African In the Jokhang Temple square there were so many pilgrims representing many areas of Tibet. We visited various sights in Moscow.