The black Fujikura shaft and understated rubber grip add to the non-flashy look. Too often, people make their choice based on performance on the driving range…. I would reccomend trying out a Tour version if your in the market for a new driver — This thing is the bomb! The Callaway FT-5 driver uses Fusion Technology to move discretionary weight around to produce different Center of Gravity configurations. I do the slice thing regularly. My colleagues all has a go and were very impressed. Has a tendency to draw, so will have to factor this into my game.

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Has a tendency to draw, so will have to factor this into my game. Still forgiving with mishits, but lots lost in terms of yardage off the tee…. I like the feel of the Adams LS, which felt very solid and did not care much for the NVG2, which felt like the face was going to collapse when struck purely.

Today’s Golfer

The headcovers are different. This has totally changed my game. The only negatives I see from the Imix setup is if you prefer to have a driver shaft that is longer than 45″.

Yes, the FTi is pricey, but there are good deals on ebay from reputable e-retailers. I don’t understand the previous reviewer!

Today, you can buy them just about anywhere for bucks. Personally, I thought the design really helped me set up along my target line, and anything that works looks good to me. I know, I love the FT-5!!


Callaway Fusion FT-5 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

The differences are more than cosmetic, as each driver will appeal to a certain caallaway of player. Bottom line, I am putting the club up for sale and thank goodness, I still have my old driver. This club is a revelation and I cant recommend it highly enough!!

This is the identity crisis I alluded to above.

The club was pricey which makes the results I am getting a bit saltier. It hits straight, far and sounds like a car crash when you hit it. The angles of the driver make alignment a snap. WOW high, long and it went in the direction I aimed it!!!! I know the course so well and where my tee balls land, I expect much more distance without the right bend and the fact that I can swing faster without worry.

What is the difference between an FT-5 tour and FT-5, besides the shaft weight and availability of Alot better than my old FT The first was hit in the center and went down the middle. If you can get fit into the right setup to eliminate some of the distance loss on off-center hits and get a hotter ball flight, the FT-i could be a real distance monster.

Trade-in Now Schedule Fitting Now. It may be psychological…but it seems as if my control now is even better. If I turn on it some, I can end up with a pulled straight shot i. The squat, square shape of the clubface reminds me a bit of the old Power Pod driver, if one had been squashed a bit. I have been having difficulty using a driver for some time, instead using a 3 wood off the tee to avoid costly slices and hooks.


For anyone out there who has always had trouble with he driver this is a godsend. A good ole fashion stubborn streak prompted me to either come to terms with the club or toss it into the desert and let it die a slow sunblistered death.

Its a bummer they’re getting rid of Imix, though. Changed it to the FT-5 and aint looked back. I think it is forgiving but still efficient, like most of my clubs nike sumo irons, mizuno mx hybrid. Callaway has made a shaft switch with these new drivers, moving from the Aldila NVS that was the stock offering on the FT-3 to a pair of shafts from Fujikura.