When the paper roller rotates, the cams are also made to rotate, causing the lifter plate to rise, and the paper set in the multi-feeder comes into contact with multi-feeder pick-up roller. Scan count, print counter, etc. Abnormal Normal Main motor M Figure 7. This function is only available for specified faxes with machines that have the closed network connection function. The structure of the manual is as described below. NO NO Reset the cassette properly.

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Is the nip width between the registra- NO Check if the engagement spring is tion roller and the registration stretched out. Leading edge margin e. Accordingly, when only one cassette gpp160 level is attached, the structure will be like the figure above with the bottom two levels removed.

Canon GP Service manual |

Check the document for symptoms of trouble Check if the cause of trouble is with the document or with the machine. Used when performing a subaddress transmission. The printer continuously prints a diagonal line pattern in fine mode and characters in normal density.

Bit setting Function 1 0 0 Reserved 1 High-speed transmission echo protect tone 2 Reserved 3 Reserved 4 Transmission mode: To remove the pick-up unit 1 Remove the print unit from the main unit refer to Clears the energy saver mode. The BAT1 of the main unit cannot be replaced as a single unit.


Operating Procedures The service mode operates according to the flow displayed in the chart below.

All products which are sold in the United States are obligated to have this label affixed. If warm water is used to clean, the toner gels and soaks permanently into clothing making it then impossible to clean away the stain. The functions, mechanism, disassembly, assembly, adjustment method, etc.

Canon GP160 Toner Cartridge Black 1500A003AA

YES Replace the pick-up Main unit pick-up cassette: Canon toners are user friendly and the easy-change automatic supply container will save you time and mess. Multi-feeder pick-up mechanism Lifter plate operation The mechanism for raising the lifting plate is illustrated in the diagram below.

Do not fall back from the receiving side. Enter the value canoj out from the leading edge data,and prinh left edge data, in step 6. This mode is for factory use only. If the trouble is not resolved, replace the roller. Is it 1 YES Clean the paper feed dirty?

DC controller PCB 1 Remove the printer unit from the main body see page for further information. These are integrated to form the cartridge pfint. The unit will go into stand-by mode.


It also controls the AE. There is variation in the photosensitivity of the individual CCD pixels.

Should these batteries be put in a fire, an explosion or very intense fire may occur. Delay jam The copy paper has not arrived in the sensor area within a stipulated period of time not detected by the sensor.

Canon GP160

Error codes for errors which occur in reception due to telephone line trouble, Change Bp160 4 before changing this bit. However, if the nip width is not correct, faulty fixing may occur. Shading correction Even when reflected light from a document with even density is detected by the CCD, the CCD output will not be consistent g;160 the following reasons.

Light-blocking shutter Do not open 4 5 Take the protective sheet off the cartridge.

The heater heats up the fixing film. Then, it is sent unchanged to the laser driver PCB receiver. Work details 1 Press the fax key located on the control panel to activate the fax mode.