By 4dblob in forum Astronomy Beginners Forum. This will result in SkyMap appearing to “lock up” for about a minute, after which a message will appear saying that the operation has “timed out”. Start Cartes du Ciel. By using a camera capable of displaying stars on the PC screen in real-time, you can manually guide with the arrow buttons on screen or on the real hand control. Employs a unique proactive guiding methodology. Starry Night Pro Cost: When asked to slew, the NexStar will sometimes fail to send back an acknowledgement that the slew has been completed.

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Note that this driver requires SkyMap Pro 6 or later.

Supported Telescopes/Mounts

Computer control of “modern” NexStar’s appears to work correctly. For more information, download the manual here.

I don’t see any obvious backlash in the DEC. When asked to slew, the NexStar will sometimes fail to send back an acknowledgement that the slew has been completed. Ascom 2X Mount Adaptor Paramount, etc. Page 1 of 2 1 nexstaf Last Jump to page: I have the AVX on the operating table right now to see what’s going on.

Newer mounts may be able to use CPWI above. You will need to use a USB Bluetooth dongle if your computer does not already have Bluetooth capabilities; otherwise click the Bluetooth icon in Windows task bar:.


When setting the telescope’s latitude and longitude to match celfstron used by SkyMap Prothe latitude and longitude are now correctly rounded to the nearest minute of arc, rather than always being rounded downwards. The driver has also passed the Conformance Checker tests see this report.

Any advice really welcome! The developers old web site reported “most Celestron telescopes although they haven’t been tested”. Palm Pilot or compatible running Palm OS version 2. Also provides a means to accurately collimate your scope with a camera when seeing conditions are less than optimal.

Click here to download the LX But the fact that it works sometimes also means I must be doing something right. Click here to download the SS The hand control serial port based only is then connected to the telescope mount.

Models not specified in their documentation – I would recommend you download and try the software before purchase. Earth Centered Universe Pro Cost: Please go to the Astro-Physics Driver web page for their driver and associated software. Now you need to pair the serial Bluetooth adapter with your computer.

Controlling a Telescope from a PC over Bluetooth Using ASCOM

Show the telescope’s position with celestorn cross-hair cursor on the map. First and foremost, don’t plug anything in if you are just guessing how things work. Tested and confirmed working software: As with all DSC drivers, the only capability offered by this driver is to display a cross-hair cursor on the star chart indicating the telescope’s current position. I recently managed to get my first image using guiding for s frames.


Deep-Sky Planner 4 Cost: Now, if the clouds will give me a break, I can try it out tonight. This driver corrects a minor bug in the version of the driver shipped with Celextron Pro 4 and 5.

Set the Autostar’s date and time to the time read from the PC’s clock. Add Thread to del.

question about cable for ASCOM using Celestron Nexstar on AVX

Note that for full remote control, you will likely be better served by NexRemote below since Network Telescope Control doesn’t provide the capability to aascom the scope. I can see backlash in the RA in one direction the reverse.

Below is a list of parts we use for this setup; some are required, some are highly recommended and some are optional.