So, are there any real changes in the north bridge or they just add “DX” to the name starting from a certain figure? Socket , Socket Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. I guess there is a certain mystique with the Rambus memory mainly because of its initial price and capabilities. No, create an account now. DDR seems to be the way of the future with Intel dropping Rambus.

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Also a s3 rig with SiS chipset and I did have stability problems at the time, but that’s probably more to do with me being a n00b back then and not SiS’s fault A friend of mine had a LAN with several Athlon XP rigs and most of these were Asrock SiS builds and they seemed to just work. My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here!

Today the great mystery is made known, xis we can examine the new processors with the chipsets which as if appeared just now. In the late s, SiS made the decision to invest in their own chip fabrication facilities.

Silicon Integrated Systems – Wikipedia

Above all, the new chipset has some problems of compatibility of some memory modules with the iE. This motherboard is based on the new SiSDX chipset and we were lucky enough to obtain one of the only two boards in existence. Already have an account? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Users browsing this forum: SiS and ALi were the only two companies initially awarded licenses to produce third party chipsets for the Pentium 4. This site hosts no abandonware. It is not enough so that users want to upgrade their computers based on the Pentium 4 with the MHz bus. Never had any real problems with it.

In the Cachemem and Wstream the situation is different: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This was about a year before the motherboard died.

So, are there any 645dc changes in the north bridge or they just add “DX” to the name starting from a certain figure? Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. The I only provides 3. Even if it doesn’t, are you willing to invest in Rdram knowing that you won’t be able to move it to a future system? Like thethe SiS vhipset was a big success and managed to perform very admirably against VIA’s P4X chipset, not to mention being sold at a cheaper price.

SiS 645DX Best Chipset for the P4 ?

Kind of bummed out that the P The north bridge didn’t change since its announcement. But because a modern board must be obligatory coupled with the USB 2.

Earlier it was supposed that the 2. This is the last time when we use Business Winstone because 645vx impossible anymore to explain its results. The MPEG4 encoding and WinAce archiving depend on the memory more than the other tests, and the results are very close to the synthetic Wstream. If I was a P4 user I would put my money into the chipset. It concerns some modules with tRAC Six Access Time of 45 ns – with them the system can fail to start, but if it starts more problems won’t occur.


It seems that Intel strengthens the existent gap between its processors and top AMD models. Retrieved from ” https: Which one would you keep?

If only PC Ram were easy to find. That was probably the last time the SiS chipset was relevant.

In the time of the Pentium III, when the slow and expensive RDRAM was kicked off by everyone, the 645sx memory type was appreciated at its true value, and it required just few things – a new architecture of the Pentium 4 and its speed bus.

This chipset barely differs from the original SiS, however, it features a tweaked memory interface and adds support for MHz bus processors.