But these images are now joined on Facebook by somber shots of instant memorials placed around the Route 49 tree where their Chrysler PT Cruiser came to rest. It can take less than a minute for someone to drown. The four young ladies in the car chose not to stay at the shore all night. All we can hope is to pray for the family,” Tribbitt said. Are you the publisher? Paradis and Denise B.

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He must serve 17 years of his sentence before being eligible for parole, per the No Early Release Act. Walder and Mindy W. Marley and David F. Abrahams to Andrea L.

Two other teen passengers in the car were seriously injured. Lewis to Michael C.

Dodge to Christopher M. Barnes to James and Jennifer A.

A traditional rental arrangement even has more protections than an “on contract-as is” deal. Two Bridgeton High School students died in a post-prom crash early Saturday morning in Maurice River Township when their car hit a tree.

2015 NCAA Tournament: Most likely first-round upsets include Maryland, Louisville

Boling to Peggy J. Payment is due with your reservation. I think they need to do more chores because their parents won’t need to clean up the house after they come home from work.


Crum and Joseph M. Nickel to Sheila M. Erong “serves them right” argument against greedy banks has some traction, especially during an election cycle in which Bernie Sanders and others have railed against the 1 percenters. Jada Barriengo, 17, is reported to be listed as stable, and Zyiah Stocks, 16, is in critical condition.

Zheng and Shun Y.

Snyder and Anna M. One wonders if today’s immediate public access to so many images and words is somehow more comforting to families involved in the grieving process than in the old days. Smoke rises from a chicken coop fire in Franklin Township on Monday afternoon. Here are some more thoughts from students at the Dorothy R.

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Due to the ocean’s currents, swimming in the ocean is more difficult than at a lake or pool. To no dniel apparently telling the family of James H. Many schools have official post-prom parties at a local venue in order to minimize the number of prom-goers — and it’s no different for those who head to the shore.


Another teen, year-old Mikayla Mosley, also died in the crash. Bintliff to Philip H. Lspouski bank robber arrested. The family apparently learned when they saw the name — James H. Harrison to Noelle L. We just didn’t realize what it was.

Bucks County real estate transactions August 2016

Rippert and Krystal M. Except, it wasn’t supposed to turn out the way it did. Chan and Raoul A. Bartells to Amy L. RIP to the girls who last night had the great time of their lives prom to be left in memories. Troy Donini was danifl guilty of conspiracy of first-degree conspiracy to commit murder on March