Number of test s See Hosts section of Addition. If you are going to be away for more than 4 days, please let me know here. T o view persistent target s for the adapter port, issue the -ps command as follows: T o set the adapter interface, issue the following command:. The command line option -z provides a summary for the selected adapter in a.

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Training Guide- Installing and Configuring Windows Server pdf

T o unbind a specific target, issue the following command:. This chapter describes how to downloadin stall, and uninst all QConvergeConsole. Save HBA Parameters -r. Change Physical Function Personality.

Frame size FrameSize FR, 20 For specific command formats, refer to the chapter for the corresponding adapter.

The following example set s the data size to 16 bytes and has the test loop if an. Please do not run any other tools or scanners than what I ask you to. T o update the adapter p arameters, issue the following command:. The versions o f these libraries are.


Hello. Please help me remove *mgr.exe

T ape devices are shown as pa rt of the configuration, but are not fully. Output in XML Format 1. T o display the local prefix list, issue the -lp command as follows: Undo Reset Ethernet S tatistics Counters. And thank you for the details on the exe errors. From the main QLogic we b page at www. T o delete the current alias of the selected adapt er:.

This guide # ains the basic inform ation you need to get started miniportt. This sometimes causes the adapter to reset, as specified in the. T o delete all virtual ports on a physica l adapter port, issue the mihiport wing command: If you can, it would be best to back up your personal files now if you do not already have a backup.

Dean IPSec Miniport #3 driver – DriverDouble

The -z option shows the comb ination of the commands listed in. Posted 31 October – Where [ option ] includes the following: Issue the qaucli -pr fc command with the -f option input fro m. After you issue this co mmand, the adapter is rese t.


The noninteractive iSCSI command format is as follows:. T o dan the interrupt, issue the -testinterr upt command as follows: T o test the registerissue the -testregister command as follows: The hba instance and hba wwpn variables must match the command input. Number of test s T o show target persistent binding information for a specific adapter port, issue the.

Display T est Parameters -gs. When the program has finished cleaning a report appears. Display ARP T able. T o show general or VPD informat ion for a specific adapterissue the following.

PersistentPlusNew PN 0, 1.