Tried it again and attempted to load a driver at install via usb floppy, failed again. Early disk drives often had an optical speed sensor mounted on the drive casting underneath the ckt board. Used to set the device priority of hard drives. I am worried about installing Windows XP after googling around and landing on this page everything got solved.. Thanks so much for sharing.

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When the system arrived, I was in for a surprise with the dual outputs on the graphics card. Your name or email address: Am I being daft? Added the drive and then tried to install the Intel Matrox manager in Windows. Hi I managed to downgrade to XP Did any managed to get all their drivers?

Hi Rob, No, I did find any in the case.

Thanks for the quick response and I appreciate your advice. Is incredible but some Dell Vostro s are being knocked out lately.

So I have XP installed and the system is up and running. Setup will exit Is there a special way to install them? You can reset the Bios by removing the battery, test it while it is out and then replace it with a new one if required.

The easy way to create a slip stream disk is to use nlite http: I could have tried to hack the case to make it ahdi, but in the end replaced the sound card with a Creative Labs Audigy 2ZS gostro external expansion. I just had to dip into my pot of useful screws.


Enabling RAID 1 on a Dell Vostro 220

Eric reports that if you install the chipset drivers before installing the other drivers you can end up experiencing a variety of strange issues. It voatro give a better feeling of security with the discs mirrored. However, I have encountered one problem. Share This Page Tweet. The thought was to re-arrange our desk to minimise the items on it.

I am not sure what finally did it, but I kept trying to load the chip set drivers and voostro update the bios. Post a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. I customer brought in a machine I had ordered for them needing Windows XP.

System Setup Program: Dell Vostro //s Service Manual

Identifies whether the computer’s processor supports Hyper-Threading and lists dell processor type, processor bus speed, processor ID, clock speed, and L2 cache. My computer cannot read my hard disk now when i’m trying to download the OS windows XP causing it to make me restart.

I am doing the same thing — dual 1TB drives and the onboard RAID1 — should be great fault tolerance — hate to waste 1 TB for a mirror but what the heck — voshro are cheap. Your computer will emit five beeps, and then issue a CMOS checksum error. The install completed and simply loops without loading windows. System Setup Program Screens.


Now they are working perfecty.

Vosgro must log in or sign up to reply here. However, I keep getting an error when trying to load the drivers An unknown error occurred. This made my day a lot easier thank you.

The system setup program screen displays current or changeable configuration information for your computer. In either case things may not initialize properly or the drive may take longer to come up to speed.

On the Dell site there fostro the download for the application and the driver. You then just replace the failed disc and re-create the mirror to restore the fault tolerance.

Indicates amount of installed memory, memory speed, channel mode dual or singleand type of memory installed.