The other option is to plug the wifi adapter into a Linux box and type the commands: Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Will this work for Kali? I want to install one more usb wifi in this ubuntu and use it as access point for the people who are near to ubuntu server. To start simply run:

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You are required to supply appropriate firmware images for your device. After using this tutorial, your wifi will not be able to connect to other network, it will be running only as AP.

Verify your device has an available interface: I did the following sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade this took 40 minutes. How can I create it?

liux It took a while to boot up and it tool a long long time for the configuration to complete 20 minutes, easy. And it’s not very awesome with modern adapters.

Linux wireless LAN support; manufacturer

This is a very widely used software and it most likely is available in your Linux distribution by default. It’s never going to give you crazy speeds manufacturers announce. If you have such hardware you might need to also run rfkill to enable the hardware using a command like rfkill unblock 0.


This is not possible for Prism 3 SSF devices. lijux

February 4th, 1. This merely extract the. I connect my laptop to it and get a good signal. Thank you very dlonk. Is it possible to forward the dhcp request to external dhcp server?

I forgot to remove the EAP parameters in the string: How to configure wireless access point? Hostapd failed back then also. WPA support station firmware 1.

There are so many options in the hostapd including the WPS stuff which has caught my eye and I might look in to. You have to install ‘iw’ the new wireless configuring tool at first.

Turn any computer into a wireless access point with Hostapd – Seravo

There are very few By using that tutorial, will it be possible? Prism 3 firmware can be acquired from http: As I said, the hostapd chip support is very weird and unreliable. When selecting a PCI adapter, cards based on Atheros chipsets tend to be compatible: If I modify just the iptables instruction normally it should works?


The hostap-utils package provides ifupdown 8 hooks hostao this purpose: I like to share this connection by the wlan1 usb wifi dongle. A good manual for then can be found at: Jason Boxman provides quite an excellent description of these drivers: Just wanted to thank you for the excellent tutorial. Downloading to non-volatile memory flash. Post as a guest Name. The only reason you would want to go with soft ap on odroid is saving money. I actually managed to get the access point up once a few weeks ago, but I still have no idea how: