Are you also getting a picture? Has it scanned any stations? Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I see the volume bars enabled. But, there is no sound passing in through it.

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The mixer is software or hardware? Get some music playing an audio stream.

Download and install eMPIA Technology – Audio Dazzle Video Capture USB Audio Device driver

No sound is coming in through the USB sound device The audio cables are still plugged in to the device. I can see the audio device as USB Analog device on empka mixer. September 13th, 3. Yes I am getting video signal through easycap and I am able to view it through “mplayer tv: Empia EasyCap Audio issue It looks good to me in terms of volumes being set sufficiently and not muted. Empia EasyCap Audio issue https: The only thing I came across in googling is that the message “Unknown AC97 audio processor detected!


Please give more detail of your setup. You are saying you have an audio signal coming into your computer via USB from the Ezycap.

VCMAC -> Why am I hearing a loud noise when I open Empia? | Diamond Multimedia

Join Date Jun Beans 13, September 15th, Please have no doubt that I have thoroughly checked the cable connections. Do you know you are actually getting auido signal through from the Ezycap?

I didn’t see any way to change that though. This wiki here also claims that audio works for this device.

Has it scanned any stations? Let audiio explain more about what’s happening with the audio I have seen the thread here http: Here’s the output of v4l2-ctl –all Code:.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. The audio and video drivers are successfully installed.

For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Could you also turn off machine, unplug USB dongle, boot machine, once at a desktop put USB in, and before doing anything else, open a terminal and: September 13th, 4.


September 12th, 2. Check the output tab. But it does not work for me. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. September fmpia, 6. Here are the things Emppia tried related to the audio: September 12th, 1. Don’t forget to scroll down.

Empia EasyCap Audio issue Check that it’s not muted: September 13th, 5. Video works fine through mplayer.