The “quick look” interpretationusually proves that the reported levels of stratigraphical boundariesbased on cuttings have to be revised to match the wireline logs. Handouts of the course E Differential compaction if small dif-ference of dip is involved betWeen Aand D. If any of these are well developed, an ecological interpretation basedon the sample is likely to be partly in error. Interpretation It is clearly abnormal marine. When the Lake-side hasmelted the slide is transferred back to the microscope to adjust the position of thespecimen.

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The size-volume relationships are shown in Figures 2 and 3. The various subjects, as well as the appendices and wes of thewell resume, are discussed below. Extensive use of the method was made by Murray b. All hyposaline environments lie close to theRotaliina- Textulariina side: Ballpoint pens, different colours.

All samples should be put into boxeswhich show set identification, e. This manual is addressed to all ofthem. The intersection of this. They therefore lend themselves to plotting on a triangular diagram Figure 7. Partially coin-cides with very smallintraclastsBahamite peloids Bioclasts or ooids totatly Subrounded and angular mi- Beales Cribrostomoides Slightly hyposaline 30 per mille to normal marine, sandysediments,? However, in practice this is tedious,slow and not worth the labour involved.


Until wireline logs are available, the masterlog is used for correlationwith neighbouring wells. This compaction trend can sometimes be seenby observing the ROP curve over long intervals. A comprehensive completionlog usually illustrates at its top the followiqg data as well: Heinemann Educational Books, London. We recommend caution whenthere is not sufficient support by facts. Major formation change associatedwith irregular bedding. Each sample container should be labelled with a waterproof felttipmarker, showing well name, core depth and shotnumber.

Drivers for Epox EP-9NPA3J motherboard (Socket 939)

Unless the rate of sedimentation and therate of production of the foraminiferids are known, there can be no directcomparison ofliving populations on a two-dimensional surface with Forami-niferal Numbers based on three-dimensional samples drawn from fossilassem bla ges. The grinding down, or rather filing down, of the specimen takes place under themicroscope, using the rough side, i. For a minor lithological change do not establish a new rock type but ratherincorporate it in the existing description e.

Conclusions and recommendationsStart this chapter with a review of the stratigraphy encountered andthe results of the petrophysical evaluation. The gr samples have to be washed, dried andput into plastic bags. As such it sfs a subclassof CD. In addition the source rock intervalsusually show a relatively high GR response and low sonic velocityreading.


SWS shooting damages borehole walls. Hammer, nail pulling type. Porosity ond permeobility p. Set the depth counter for corrected depth.

D-Lower trend in opposite direc-tion to A. Continental or transitional facies, straddling internationally accepted time-stratigraphicboundaries, often received formal names. Net-like23ab 23a 24ab 24a 25 abe 25a 26a 25d 27 aIt I’ Special InvestigationsAddressesRock sampling for palynological investigationPyrolysis test-tube method fer detection of non post-mature source rocks. In an unknown area the dipmeter will provide valuable information throughdetailed study of the patterns as shown in the following pages.

Let us first have a look at the overall picture of the analyzed set of results andconsider features in their order of importance, i. Repetition of the feature along 9npaa3j section will suggest cross bed-ding.