It is very small, but not that small. I also can’t seem to get PowerDVD to output 5. When I get time I’m going to put it inside a Nintendo shell. Just 17 cm square, the EPIA-M is a midget sorry, little person among small form factor platforms. Let’s take a quick look at the spec sheet. It’s only cool to mod older consoles. Also I can’t seem to get a floppy drive to work.

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The video shares the viddo bus and takes a minimum of 16MB of your total memory allocation in the overall scheme of things. The EPIA-M is a veritable orgy of integrated peripherals, which may not seem especially impressive to those used to seeing high-end enthusiast-oriented motherboards packing in nearly every integrated feature under the sun.

December 07, The “Tortoise Beetle”. I got it from excess-solutions.

Via Epia M Mini-ITX — Initial Impressions – Ars Technica OpenForum

Thu Mar 06, 6: See NewEgg’s pictures for a better understanding. The supplied fan is a bit too loud for my tastes but I plan on rectifying that soon.


The layout should prove to be a winner though as VIA does have many years of expertise going into this design. It’s late, I’m tired, must sleep.

VIA’s EPIA-M platform – The Tech Report – Page 1

Mouser carries the even-quiter ADLB 5. Control is also possible of the absolute picture position in software, though not with the horizontal and vertical scaling found on some TV output cards. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff!

I just got it, assembled it and ran a few benchmarks on it. Fri Mar 07, 3: After an hour of running Prime95 the heatsink was warm but not hot. Thu Mar 13, Of course, the performance of its previous C3 processors, which were based on the “Ezra” core, left much to be desired.

Via Epia M10000 Mini-ITX — Initial Impressions

BIOS text is blurred and too bright – though still usable. By contrast, the picture quality during bootup on a TV is awful.

Chiddler Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: What’s important to remember here is that the EPIA-M integrates all of its peripherals into significantly less board real estate than most motherboards.

August 05, The “Leela PC”.

Yes, a bit expensive for a fan, but worth it to me. Besides, the GameCube is too recent. Anyone know of a good server benchmark? If a TV is connected, it will display on the TV at the next reboot. What about high quality DivX and MP3 playback?


August 31, The “Janus Project”. There’s no way you can fit this inside a GameCube. The overall digital media experience is further enhanced by support for 5. Nov 22, Posts: How much power does one need for basic office applications?

For vvideo relative size this board is one feature packed product that has enough built-in power to be a viable product in the lower spectrum of the market.

It’s only cool to mod older consoles. Tue Mar 04, 6: The output as default is an image slightly smaller than full screen size as marked on the edges of this photograph. The only other places I have seen selling it are Outpost.