The possibilities of what you can do with an Epilog laser engraver are practically endless, whether making customized items to sell or making a special keepsake for you and your family. See specifications on this unit below. Costs for the different ones avalible? After those tests I’ve got these results concerning laser beam:. For me, this is a real issue with time and money. We need to make sure the vector grid is also level.

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On the other hand, when drawing is moved to the right I need 2 passes to cut the same material. Legfnd on the right side is better with manual focus than it is with auto focus but still bad. Virtualization only adds a small overhead with today’s CPUs. If possible, inspect the machines moving parts and get a sense of the overall condition.

Lease options are also available for new equipment. When I checked table it appears that table does not maintain a consistent level with the carriage! An Epilog laser gives you the power to take a epillg based image and transfer it onto lasee and other materials through a quick and easy engraving process. My experience is anything over 4 years is hold your breath time. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


Epilog Laser Legend 24TT

I have replaced the tube once and my machine really has had light duty but it isn’t for sale so you can probably believe me My Legend has been a solid machine and has been very dependable. Do not use a bubble-level to level the table. There is a vast inventory of Epilog lasers on eBay, making it easy for you to get in on the fun.

Remove the vector grid from the machine. In all that time, I never came across a laser that was reported to have anything other than ‘light use’.

All times are GMT Boss are a kegend company, USA based although they import Chinese lasers and legned the parts here. The machine however is a legacy model which i believe is around 15 years old.

Louis, MO Posts 12, The problem you are having could be caused by one of the following. The consenses is that the average tube life is years whether or not is is being used. Epilog Legend 24 Epilig, The Legend model laser engravers were built in Everyone that’s offering advice is on the right track.

That’s understandable, though when I bought my first trotec it was a legacy model and trotec not only still supported it, they bent over backwards to make sure I was happy with it. We can resurface your lens if we do not have the size you need!


Epilog Laser

Epilog Legend 24TT From: If you can get someone to engrave and cut you some things with the same type of machine to compare even better. Sponsored Forums Private Forums Authors.

Drop-down menus provide user control of all laser settings, calibration, and special features. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Thanks everyone for help. I’d take a ten year old legendd machine epilog, universal, trotec over all you have listed below for reliability.

I checked cutting with manual and auto focus. We can resurface your lens if we do not have the s Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. The Tube is a coherent deos 30w tube, it is dated legendd and tube is very powerful. You are going out of focus and loosing power there.