Key message here is ensure that you have got a good ESXi design and hopefully this article helps you in getting some more insights in the Virtual Connect FlexFabric mappings. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Be sure to look at the release notes to get all the details. I never found one on the web. They have around 30 enclosures at the moment.

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BladeSystem Virtual Connect topics. Ref the quick spec for more details – http: The entry switch is of a type that is not supported. July 24th, at Can you please tell me where am I getting it wrong?

Consider the configuration shown in this figure, in which multiple VLANs are mapped to all eight connections in Virtual Connect Manager:. Anyway, I am sticking around and placing suggestions on how a VC should be designed and implemented. I would suggest to check out this document: HP Virtual Connect 4.

Using Multiple VLANs with HP Virtual Connect Flex-10

Perhaps an example would help. VMWare support sent me some useless document, and i am sthernet to deploy another blades. Each Ethernet Adapter configured in the server profile can now be configured with a minimum and maximum allocated port speed. At the moment, my only way of administration is via SSH to the module in slot 1.


So, you might want to bookmark this article, or post it to Delicious. I am pretty new to this technology and your articles have been very helpful. We have been sharing network profiles accross any blades in the enclosures and all blades run ESXi 5.

The eghernet says it all.

HP Virtual Connect Update: Min/Max Bandwidth Optimisation –

But it also presents some other interesting design considerations. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Day 4 Buzz and the re: You would have to go into VC and manually reconfigure the FlexNic bandwidth. Original, technical content centered around cloud computing, Kubernetes, Linux, and networking. So if no stacking, then only 2 enclosures.

HP Virtual Connect LOM port mapping | virtualwhat

Please note that SPP I hoped a script will help me assign vmnics to port groups, however, the outcome flednic unpredictable. Can you explain the next layer, how the vmnics which I believe map to separate vswitches are mapped to the physical x1 — x6 ports of the Flex module?


The Day 3 Buzz. Our vm guy wants to do the following. They have around 30 enclosures at the llom. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend: What should I check or do to fix this problem. The cookbook only shows examples with flex-hbas and not physical hbas. But once this is done, and barring any other non-VCEM related blocking conditions, you should be able to migrate the enclosures over to OneView.

My suspicions were correct. VC allows the effective configuration to happen in two places.

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