Flexlm is used by virtually every EDA company to license software. The solution here is to turn off DNS. When he tested the available licenses with the lmtools utility he found that it reported no licenses available. This is caused by lmgrd. FLEXlm applications send periodic heartbeats to the server to discover if it has died.

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If you’ve combined license files from 2 vendors, you must use the latest version of lmgrd. Yes, unless the client’s whole system crashes.

Many system administrators, especially for larger sites, prefer to combine license files to ease administration of FLEXlm licenses. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you do not run the license server lmgrd as root, since root processes can introduce security risks.

Some will simply continue periodically attempting to re-checkout the license when the server comes back up. If lmgrd must be started from the root user for example, in a system boot scriptwe recommend that you use the ‘su’ command to run lmgrd as a non-privileged user: However there are different versions in use and if the versions are different they may not be compatible.

Assuming this is not the case, then use ‘telnet host port’ – if it says “can’t connect”, it’s a free port. Dates in the 20th century 19xx can be abbreviated to the last 2 digits of the year xxand use of this feature is quite widespread. Note that this telnet command will always succeed on hosts in other domains assuming everything is configured correctlysince the network will resolve speedy.


This requirement goes away in version 3.

What PC Platforms are supported? On PCs, if a checkout seems to take 3 minutes and then flfxlm, this is usually because the system is configured for a dial-up DNS server which is not currently available. No such device Ubuntu Assuming communications is TCP, the license is automatically freed immediately.

Do I have to worry about how these versions work together? You may receive one of the following error messages:. Changing the installation directory name to c: Finally, flelxm must NOT have periods in the name. A fully-qualified hostname is of the form: There are two items, however, which can send considerably more data and should be avoided or used sparingly:.

FLEXnet License Manager

When he tested the available licenses with the lmtools utility he found that it reported no licenses available. This detection of unplugging the network cable can be deactivated, by running the following registry file: No such file or directory Configuring the hosts file Possible causes for Flexlm Error -5 and Possible causes for Lfexlm Error Possible causes for lmutil error “no such file or directory” Possible causes for error “FlexNet Licensing error: If a license is bound to the ethernet id, windoes license cannot be used anymore, until the network cable is plugged in again.


It’s perfectly OK to have any number of separate license files, with different lmgrd server processes supporting each file. FLEXlm products always understand older versions; therefore, the pre-v3. This page contains answers to common questions concerning FLEXlm handled by our customer support staff, along with some tips windpws tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.


My license server does flelxm start on Windows 7. Networking is required on all bit versions. Skip to main content. Special software to emulate NT services is available from your software vendor. This makes combining licenses more attractive than previously. It blocks access to the network card, thus preventing FLEXlm to obtain the ethernet id. Will the Server run on Windows 95?

This is caused by lmgrd.