In the following box. New USB device strings: The Case of the Pirate Gamepad I made some software which will be explained in a future post and used my trusty Argos third-party PS3 style gamepad to control it. Also after leaving it on while busy doing other things around the house the controller shut off. Hosting provided by Mythic-Beasts.

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This is all on a fresh build of 3.

Plug in the GASIA ps3 Controller Dont click the ps button or nothing When connected on cable the ps3 controller is blinking the four lights – Dont remove the cable After 30 seconds I press te PS button and it start to blink 2 light- Dont remove the cable Remove the usb cable.

Once it was done installing is when I plugged in the controller on the screen that prompts you to, then all the leds lit up solid. I have a little problem with detecting my PS3 Controller. Unfortunately it does not depend on the directory.

After testing it out I shutdown the Pi and unplugged it. I finally got it working – but via the sixad driver it reported as a “Sony Playstation Controller” – in effect a whole new controller in terms of config although it was fine for me as like that This may also help: It probably requires some reverse engineering in order to modify the sixaxis plugin for bluez.


Hi Matt, make sure to have the required header files installed.

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Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. It is amazing the level of detail they went to.

In retroarch in some game Select button works? With my keyboard I cancelled out of everything back to EmulationStation selected the main menu and selected Configure input.

Total time spent was about a minute. Any help would be appreciated!

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You have been very kind. Surely selling the controller as what it is would be simpler than having to sneak around and recreate accounts constantly on the auction site? Here is the log: Log gasiw or sign up in seconds.

In fact it is also present on my Shanwan clones. From the blues folder i write make -j3 but the answer is makefile not found…. But I wasn’t sure at the time and tried every option.

This is the hcidump after disconnecting: Function not implemented 38 Mar 17 This may be a sixpair issue since the USB bluetooth dongle sees all my bluetooth devices at home. Fresh install Retropi 3. It is shame that people feel the need to be dishonest.


I have had problems with Retropie crashing here and there but from my understanding it happens with any BT controller on Pi3. HID create error Connection timed out sixad-bin[]: And it connected via Bluetooth. I think its Gasia Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript.

Gasia usb gamepad and windows 7 – HP Support Community –

First it was the aa: Has anyone got these Gasia controllers working? PS R Gamepad Mar 17 Has anyone had any luck pairing Gasia PS3 controllers? Please do not post a support request without first reading and following the advice in https: