A patient’s “Personal Medical File” ensures that all their medical information can be accessed by healthcare professionals, whenever and wherever. The Bismarck and Beveridge models have had a lasting influence on most European countries. Iatrogenesis can be linked to many factors such as doctors lacking information or training, patients lacking information or education, prescription errors inappropriate medication: CMS directly manages Medicare and oversees Medicaid. Coverage levels and the amounts set aside for healthcare spending share of GDP were defined centrally. Indeed, government programs for healthcare, retirement benefits and family allocations, and in particular health insurance, are the legacies of national traditions. In France, in the number of deaths resulting from iatrogenesis was higher than 10,, and 3.

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This model of universal health care was created in Germany by Bismarck, seayls enacted social legislation between and Using smart cards speeds up the transition to paperless, electronic procedures and data exchanges, which are 3 formidable catalysts for the modernization of systems.

Public healthcare is only provided for the elderly Medicare and disadvantage Medicaidnot unlike the Beveridge model. Turn off more accessible mode.

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In France, the CMU couverture maladie universelle – universal coverage has been voted in and vvitale in During the second half of the 20th century, all European countries progressively extended universal health care to cover nearly all citizens.

Take, for example, the inadvertent effects or complications resulting from medical errors treatment or adviceknown as iatrogenesis. The state must decide on the scope of intervention of health insurance funds, and sealgs the appropriate measures if a financial imbalance arises.


In France, in the number of deaths resulting from iatrogenesis was higher than 10, vihale 3. But the causes of the phenomenon are known. This robust technology can strike at the heart of fraud mechanisms, often with minimal investment in infrastructures, and without major changes for patients and healthcare professionals.

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The fundamental principle of the American healthcare system is that health is a matter of individual responsibility and private insurance. No realistic study relating to the amounts involved was to be found. Gemalto is providing electronic health care solutions to several countries around the world and contributes to more efficient national healthcare systems for the benefit of patients, health insurances and health professionals. Health insurance and access to health care are therefore linked to the notion of employment in this system.

Health care and health insurance systems from this era are currently undergoing radical change in the Central and Eastern European countries. It was broadly a benefits in kind system.

Employment no longer determines access to healthcare, as is theoretically the case. In all countries influenced by the English model, funding mainly comes from taxes, while in other countries it is mainly drawn from social contributions.

This model, which was developed during the s in the Soviet Union, then spread to the USSR’s satellite states after In all countries that have adopted the Bismarck model, protection has been extended to include population categories that were not protected initially students, independent workers, etc.

The number of deaths caused by cardiac disease wasanddeaths were caused by cancer source: Implemented in in the United Kingdom following Lord Beveridge’s report, this social protection system is based on the principle of universal access to health care, nondependent on employment.


This is one of the goals of the Personal Medical File.

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Telemedicine also presents fantastic opportunities. Services were usually free, but patients had to pay out-of-pocket fees for medication, for example.

These factors can often lead to drastic improvements. This access to healthcare is not considered as contingent on employment, but rather as an intrinsic part of citizenship. Personal Medical Files limit the number of medical interventions, and ensure that care provided for patients is consistent.

In terms of administration, the results obtained are impressive. Socialized medicine and healthcare systems [ – study]: Gemalto provided technical services and products during the implementation of 11 national electronic health care systemsincluding the German Gesundheitskarte picture above or Chifa card, a eHealthcare solution in Algeria. Coverage levels and the amounts set aside for healthcare spending share of GDP were defined centrally. This attempt to reorganize the relationships between patients, healthcare professionals and administration is greatly helped by the introduction of sealyss digital technology for exchanges between healthcare or insurance organizations, and the creation of health cards.

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