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This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Just Close Your Eyes avec Christian. In the segments, Slater would enter the ring and issue challenges to “the so-called legends” or “any former WWE champion”, which resulted in him losing a series of squash matcheswith the first two losses to Vader and Sycho Sid.

Retrieved April 9, Personnel de la WWE. Heath Slater is a man who’s never been short of TV time, but is often the punchline of a joke, but does he believe he needs a push?

Heath Slater — Wikipédia

Heath Slater Slater slateer March Lors de Raw du 14 janvieril gagne contre Sheamus. Son “pro” est Christian. Heath Slater is sapmare of those wrestlers who falls into a really strange category in WWE. Heath Slater has often been involved in fancy dress matches or has been the man who has had his face put into a cake or vice versa – but he’s always handled it in good jest and made the most of his time on television.

I was shocked to hear the amount of support he mustered from the crowd Later that same night, he attempted to cost Seth Rollins the Intercontinental Championship by helping Corbin during their match but failed, in the process turning him into a “tweener”. Slater returned to the scenes on the April 20, edition of Raw when he was at catering, only to receive an RKO through the table by Randy Orton.


On the June 7 episode of RawSlater and the other season one NXT rookies established themselves as heels by interfering in the main event match between John Cena and CM Punkattacking both competitors, Michael ColeJerry Lawlerand Justin Roberts before dismantling the ring area and surrounding equipment.

Pendant les semaines qui suivent, la tension augmente entre les membres de The Corre. Slater’s brief winning streak was ended when Slater Gator were defeated by Los Matadores on the August 25, edition of Raw.

Slater heqth March Well, most times, Superstars will either retweet these comments and not add a comment in a sly hint towards WWE, or they’ll stand up for WWE – aside from Dana Hwath when she recently critiqued WWE for forgetting heth her – but Slater played this smart and went right down the middle, but stayed in character with his “I got kids” gimmick.

They were again defeated by The Usos on the July 8, episode of SmackDownhaving a visible disagreement and argument in the ring following the match. In Decembera warrant for Slater’s arrest was issued, rendering him inactive until all legal issues are resolved. This resulted in him being in the main event that night, a match against Kanewhich he lost.

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Heath Slater Finisher? | IGN Boards

Roman Reigns frustre Mr. On the December 3 episode of RawGeneral Manager Baron Corbin forced Slater and Rhyno to fight each other with the stipulation that the loser will be fired.


Heath Wallace Miller born July 15, is an American professional wrestlerreferee, and actor. Heath Slater also featured in this week’s tag team Battle Royal where Braun Strowman decided to go into business for himself and enter the match, only to go on to win it.

Heath Slater Finisher?

Rollins and The Club make savage statement by laying slateg Ambrose and Cena”. During this time, Slater started a gimmick as a desperate father with several children to support, including the catchphrase “I got kids”.

Does Heath Slater think he needs a push? Slater also came very close to breaking a record in this year’s Royal Rumble when he eliminated Sheamus. On the August 4, episode of Rawthanks to a distraction from Dean AmbroseSlater scored an upset victory over Seth Rollins and he followed it up a week later with a count-out victory over Dolph Ziggler thanks to yet another distraction, this time from The Miz.

He eventually signed with SmackDown and found an unlikely ally in Rhyno, with the two emerging victorious in the finals of a tag team tournament at Backlashdefeating The Usos and becoming the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Vote early, vote often; NXT takes over”.