Y Y Digital Connect line? Disconnect the following cables from the system board: While handling a drive, avoid touching the connector. Y Reseat internal pointing device connector if applicable. Warranty status only indicates current warranty state. Removing the External Memory Module Reverse the above procedure to install an external memory module. Height varies depending upon where on the notebook the measurement is made.

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Removing the Switch Cover Reverse the above procedure to install the switch cover. Height front to back 2. Fan assembly Section 5. Replacing the Thermal Paste Niic the above procedure to install the heat sink.

Handle cables by the connector whenever possible. Click here to sign up. Defeatured model uses four screws to secure the system board to the computer, screws 1 and the left-most screw 2. Hard drive is mounted directly to the notebook frame, reducing the transmission of shock to the hard drive. Up to three hours and thirty minutes. The MultiBay II must also be connected to an external power source. Done configured in OS? Automatic rate re-negotiation V.


HP Compaq nx7400 Notebook PC Specifications

Above 3-GB, all memory may not be available due to system resource requirements. Nx4700 Y Reseat Boots from Done drive. Javascript is disabled in this browser.

Then contact Customer Care. Note that the defeatured model uses two fewer screws.

HP nx7400 Overview Page 23

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. N Network Replace jack or modem jack or have jack active?

Removing the Optical Drive Bracket Reverse the above procedure to reassemble and install an optical drive. All necessary regulatory approvals for supported countries, including: Remove the wireless antenna cables from the niic cover clips 2 and 3 through which they are routed. Connect AC power to the computer.

Shut down the computer. Due to the non-industry standard nature of some third-party memory modules, we recommend HP branded memory to ensure compatibility. Improper cable placement can damage the computer. If the system has stopped responding and Windows shutdown procedures cannot be used, press and hold for 5 seconds to turn off the computer. Exhaust air is displaced through the ventilation grill located on the left side of the computer. Lift the frame 2 straight up to remove if from the hard drive.


RTC battery is included with each system board spare part 1. A battery is close to full charge capacity.

HP Compaq Nx Nx Mini PCI Express Card | eBay

Reverse the above procedure to install the keyboard. Length Thread Width Black 2 4.

Length Thread Width Silver 1 Remove the modem module cable 2 from the clip in the system board.