Web Dev Partner Resources. From Design to Code: Easy to use and understand Disadvantages of HtmlUnit Driver Difficult to perform user interface testing. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Report generation is very important when you are doing the Automation Testing as well as for You can see the browser and the test execution in action.

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Headless Browser Testing Using HtmlUnitDriver in Selenium WebDriver

Works fast compared to Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Html Unit Driver is currently the fastest and most lightweight implementation of WebDriver.

HtmlUnit is a java based implementation of a web browser without a GUI. The following shows how it works: You can download htmluniit But “headless” can also mean using phantomjs, or a regular browser with a virtual display.

It is platform independent and easier to run several tests concurrently.

Provides Step-by-Step Guidance to Angular. Since it is not using any GUI to test, your tests will run in background without any visual interruption Compared to all other instances execution is faster To run your tests through HtmlUnit driver you can also select other browser versions It is platform independent and easier to run several tests concurrently.


The most common use of HtmlUnit is test automation of web pages, but sometimes it can be used for web scrapingor downloading website content. The main discussion around headless browser these days is based around speed versus accuracy. Very good support see unit test here Ext JS 2.

HtmlUnit – Welcome to HtmlUnit

We could test our scripts on different browser versions using HtmlUnitDriver. WebDriver ; import org. Many organization uses Phantom. Retrieved 23 December Other browsers are using separate JavaScript engine.

HtmlUnit – Wikipedia

HtmlUnit is a headless web browser written in Java. The latest release of PhatomJS has integrated GhostDriver and there is no need to separately install it. I was automating the script using headless HtmlUnitDriver browser but I htmlunitdrivee to know the limitations of headless HtmlUnitDriver browsers for example:.

It is also known as a headless browser driver. I’ve used phantomJS in a few projects over the last couple of htmlunihdriver, but have often had issues with it. Report generation is very important when you are doing the Automation Testing as well as for It htmlhnit Java and JavaScript.

I have done headless browser testing using PhantomJs with Poltergiest driver in Cucumber-Capybara framework. The unit tests of some well-known JavaScript libraries are included in HtmlUnit’s own unit tests; based on these unit tests, the following libraries are known to work well with HtmlUnit: JavaScript code is executed just like in normal browsers when the page loads or when an handler is triggered.


The last fact considered as a con, because the rendering behavior can differ significantly from the htmlunittdriver browsers.

Selenium Headless Browser Testing: HTMLUnitDriver & PhantomJS

Sign up using Email and Password. Does Headless Browser Run Faster?

Update on Marionette Geckodriver v0. Full support see unit test here Prototype 1. A headless browser is a web-browser without a graphical user interface.

TimeUnit ; import org. Build server Log in as ‘guest’. This may be an issue for you, since Google determines Safari 5 to be an “old” browser and will therefore potentially render its search pages differently.