The pending patch for this kernel version is patch Later, when insmod ing each ACPI module separately: The memtester userland program did successfully run several hours long without problem, and the memtest86 program did successfully run during a whole night, 7 passes with defaults tests. This bug has been corrected in recent apmd RPM package in Rawhide at the time of this writing. Will review it too when i’ll get it.

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Make sure you input the correct series, subseries, machine type, model and operating system. The wireless configuration tool is unfortunately a proprietary GUI. Ok, so here is what I did to fix this problem.

A similar patch has to be applied to calltree, part of the kcachegrind package too. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

A message on the linux-thinkpad mailing-list reported a success with the IBM dual band wireless card of his T40p using the thinkpac version of the madwifi driver.

I reworked a bit my patch to airo. I resolved this issue with a customization of my APM scripts. So the good news is that the custom version 5b I have blackberries, cameras, external drives This version supported APM as expected, so I kept this one, using this config file.


I set the commit interval value to secondes, as an arbitrary value.

Legacy Thinkpads and DOS retrogaming – Thinkpads Forum

However when downloaded directly from the manufacturer newer version they worked perfectly! So, either no proper driver installed, or something wrong with the card.

Downloaded latest drivers from vendor’s websites, nothing.

Download and install ubm chipset drivers first might take care of the unknown device. Win98 DOS mode is working great, games are running fine, but problem here is fan noise, always spinning at max speed under DOS, quite uncomfortable.

T40 and T41 -unknown device – Lenovo Community

The patch to fix the APM suspend freeze problem is now in 2. Tell us about your experience with our site. For example, my network card driver followed this rule, the driver is available in the form of a.

This confirmed my impression that a single memory module is buggy: This option allows gpm to gather mouse event information from the real mouse device potentially several devicesand to rewrite them on a fifo for use with X See this MRTG graph You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers 3. Works fine with the e But I have a recognize a merit to Cisco: Without the possibility to properly enter in suspend mode in ACPI, I gave up, and reinstalled the APM modules both cannot coexist so a choice has to be done. Promising developments are worth to be followed: The problem was related to bad video RAM.

IBM ThinkPad T42 would not connect to my secured home wireless network

Not many errors, 40 approximately, all concerning test number 3 and 4. But no 3D acceleration under win98, no more than colors when using my external VGA screen x All 3D applications, like FlightGear in this examplein 16bpp, were filled with white moving dots devicf other image artifacts, like a dark translucent area moving fast up and down over the 3D drawing area.

The apmd shutdown script tries to remove the apm. Both speed and duplex must be set to disable auto-negociation.