Cool mod and looks like a lot of work done. I was afraid the the boards might come into contact but you got that sorted with a pretty simple solution. Glad I found this post I’ve got a that I want to put an audio 6 into, but it is tight in there. Good idea with the caps. I would assume it would fit in a pioneer The whole problem here is Windows 7 does not work well with USB 1.

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Have tried installing and reinstalling the program several times and unplugging the box probably just as many times. Absolutely no snow this year. I had to sign back up to say hi.

Can’t get Serato SL1 To Work On Windows 7 [Archive] –

We still have our old computer that serato was running on and I wonder if we cleared all the other crap off of it would it work any better. It’s the latest version 2. I talked it over with my friend and neither of us could remember exactly what the solution we found was. Hey guys, good to be back.

How to: Install SL1 inside your mixer [Archive] –

Not sure of the relevance? I had to uninstall serato, and then reinstall it with the next box plugged in while it was installing. Idk if sdrato will fit but I’d guess sl3 would be best choice for my Nowadays working mainly on controller maps and sticking Innofaders in things.


Great work man, Must be really handy if you take the mixer to gigs instead of havig to setup a SL box aswel? The requirements call out Intel only processors. Very interested in seeing your “version” of the install.

Is there a way to link the two computers together? I think I’m catching gear feaver again hahaha. Look Ma, No Box!!!!

Also, sorry if we’re a bit late in replying.

I have picked up a new trick, which is to use non-conductive fire resistant felt to the SL1 board at possible contact points. The idea was to make the mod as reversible as possible.

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Nice job I like the idea of eliminating the SL1 power supply too needed for playing vinyl with the laptop off. I know, I know.

Figure it out yet? I’ll give that a look, thanks. Bang up job and really reduces cable clutter. NI has been a bitch lately so I may switch back to serato.

Just to update this thread. The way things are set up, if you ripped the A8 and its wires out of the mixer, both pieces should still function fully. I Have a Behringer DJX I dont exactly know where to begin soldering, i have a general idea and know ill figure it out sooner or later, but i’d rather sooner than later When the box is closed up, it puts slight tension on the bottle caps, and they act as springs – which keeps everything tight when the box is closed up.


Connecting the Rane SL 1

You need to use a multi-meter and test your RCA ports connections This way more serzto can help you troubleshoot. If you have an AMD processor Serato does not work with them. This is what i got when I asked for a refund.

He’s done it before as well. I’ve got the mixer taken apart and now I’m confused how to tell what points to solder. I never got a chance to see it, but it was definitely a larger, riskier, undertaking.