Adjust timing for stability and compatibility 2. You don’t need to install any extra drivers. I was a bit careless with a few days prior and probably messed something up inadvertently.. You could try here: Results 1 to 15 of

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Well, I Thought it was fixed. Looks like I was using a 66 and a 33 drive on the same IDE o7s5a and it didn’t like it. The Bios hasn’t reset itself again, and the time has stayed constant, it just won’t bring up the second HD anymore that’s sharing the Primary IDE with the master HD second is set to slave.

I just don’t know. Do not update the BIOS if the system is running fine.

IDE Drivers for K7S5A

Fixed Duron Morgan 1. What drivers should I install for Windows ME? According to Control Panel – System, the Sis driver is installed, but so is a primary and secondary IDE driver and you can’t remove them without removing the Sis. What you specifically need is the followig Does anyone know where to get this file k75a.


You could try here: I used the install software that came with the board, but it doesn’t give you the option of installing IDE if IDE is already installed which it has to be so far as I can tell in order to load into windows.

Falhas na atualizacao do BIOS podem fazer com que o sistema seja reiniciado. Velvet G Ars Praefectus Tribus: Id manufacturer is not responsible for any.

Then install AGP 1. Getting bad blocks reported is a bad sign. Windows management files may be moved or missing.

I found the above FAQ very insisghtful. Unsuccessful BIOS flash may cause the system fails to boot up. Porty USB, 2 x.

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Nao atualize o BIOS se o sistema estiver funcionando corretamente. Support Duron CPU.

Fixed the standby selection of start menu becomes to be inactive action after installing Windows XP 3. Actually I think the Bios cleared itself in that time too K7S5A Motherboard pdf manual download. West Chester formerly Asteroid M Registered: You can try loading the default IDE drivers in windows and enabling both.


IDE driver for SiS on K7S5A

It occasionally pauses, preventing me from using the system, as if it’s waiting for something. Mar 27, Posts: I did a full reinstall It wasn’t the board’s fault. Feb 1, Posts: If not, boot off a 98 boot disk with cdrom support and copy the files local. Install your video card drivers first. Wed Feb 20, That link is incorrect. Ive read the notes carefully before updating BIOS.