This procedure requires administrator privileges. In this case, select [Quality] in [Print Priority]. If this occurs, try changing the resolution setting. With some applications e. The end of this readme contains some important notes about the use of this driver. Select the driver to be uninstalled. Once the installation is complete, click “Finish”.

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For information on the Printer Driver settings and features, please check the Help file. Open the “Printers” folder or “Printers and Faxes”.

All brand names and product names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Select the driver to be uninstalled.

Thin lines printed at high resolution dpixdpi might be difficult to see in the printed output. If the Staple setting is “2 at Center” or if the “Reverse Order”setting is On, the driver will add an extra page to the end of odd-paged duplex jobs. Open the “Printers” folder or “Devices and Printers”. Therefore device accessories cannot be automatically updated via a USB port.

Drivers >>> LANIER MP C4500/LD445c PCL 6 driver

A paper mismatch error might occur when the measurement unit in the Custom Paper Size dialog is different from the Custom Size setting on the printer operation panel. Press the Remove key. Banner pages cannot be printed using the source tray that is selected to print “Chapter Page”.


An extra page is added to the end of odd-paged duplex jobs. Open the Properties of the printer to be upgraded. Use of a different Paper Source for the cover setting might result in a paper mismatch error.

Click “OK” to close the printer properties dialog box. This file describes how to set up your printer driver and contains the most up-to-date information that was available at the time of software release. If upgrading from an earlier version of the driver Ver. With some applications e. Log the current user account off or restart the PC.

On some applications, the backside of a duplex page is incremented by the device counter. As a workaround, change the print settings so that any one of the above conditions are not met. This procedure requires administrator privileges. To ensure that the job prints using pure Black Kplease change the color mode to “Black and White” or “Monochrome”. In the case of specific application, only one part will be printed even if the combination of post-processing features and number of copies by from the driver set of multiple.


Once the installation is complete, click “Finish”. Bidirectional communication is not available over USB ports. Specify the number of copies using the driver. Press “Remove driver and driver package”. Install new version of the printer driver with the same step as ” 1 Installing the printer driver”.

Click Add to install the new version of the x86 driver. After completing above operation, you can use printer driver of new version. In such a case, the document will be stapled parallel to an edge of the paper.

The model that supports it as generic mode is the following models. In the environment to which the computer name is set by 16 c44500/ld445c or more, the host name with banner page print is printed only up to 15 bytes. Post-processing capability refers to the following items.