Page Page Page – Sheet dual input ttm —sensor tray Page – Separation roll removal Page – Pick roll idler gear 33 tooth removal Page – Pick roll removal Page – Pick roll drive gear 25 tooth removal Page – Feed unit drive gear 27 tooth removal Page – Mpf feed unit assembly removal Page – Mpf media out actuator and upper frame r Is the feed roll, separation roll, and pick roll free of excess wear and contamination? This procedure can be applied to tray 1 or tray 2 switch media size. Remove two small guides E and the two small pulleys D.

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Remove the transfer roll assembly.

Windows does not detect Lexmark xe scanner – Microsoft Community

Remove the controller card assembly. Remove the two screws securing the left lower pinch roll assembly A to the printer left lower door assembly B.

Page – Operator panel inverter card assembly re Flex the tab, and remove the boss from the hole. Page – Sheet dual input ttm —one-way 22 toot Does the media touch lexmatk sensor fuser exit? Remove the hooks of the two bushings A securing the duplex media transport center roll B to the duplex leexmark assembly.


Release the hooks securing the sensor document set A. The MFP weighs approximately kg lb and requires at least four people to lift it safely.

Replace the ADF Replace the registration connection. Visually check the LVPS cooling fan for rotation. Replace toner cartridge guide Remove the toner cartridge guide assembly. Remove the bracket B. Remove two screws securing the tray 4 front cover A.


Remove the three leexmark securing the left cover pinch roll assembly B. Page – Sheet dual input ttm —feed roll remov Disconnect the connector from the switch printer left door interlock B. Center thermistor Pressure roll thermistor Rear thermistor Pressure roll Sub heater lamp 2 Heat roll Remove the E-clip with a prying tool securing the large guide H and the large pulley I to the frame assembly. Up to 35 ppm.

Replace the Replace the hard drive.

Page lexmar, Sheet dual input ttm —tray 4 rear cab Remove the top cover C. Clean or replace the feed roll, Remove tray 2 and check it. Page Page Page Page – Sensor rfid pc cartridge and sensor r Wipe Disk removes a disk’s data in such a way that it cannot be recovered.


Remove the screw securing the printer left door support strap B to the printer left door A. Perform several print tests.

The connectors P5, P, P, and P have hooks that must first be released. The following Finisher Motor Tests are available: However, if this still do not work, then you can contact the Manufacturer to get the compatible drivers of Lexmark xe MFP scanner for Windows 7.

Remove the right lower cover A by lifting it upward then outward. Remove the document set actuator. Replace the fuser Go to step 9. Remove the pick roll drive gear 25 tooth A.

Gently pull off the platen cushion A from the ADF.