UFX -c 16 I expected you receive ‘Available formats’ output 2. I’m looking into whether or not my Rico R5C host controller is the culprit, since as of two days ago, I could not even enumerate subunits, after building the routing matrix a day or two prior. I’m quite sure this is the problem, because when I reboot into windoze without actually rebooting the Audiophile, it works normally. Detect discontinuity of CIP: Hi, thanks for this driver. I have loaded I think rt kernesl via synaptic but don’t seem to have an rt option when booting via grub main screen – any way to check if I have installed them? I hope you to do these test when killing pulseaudio.

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My goal is to get the hardware running in Ardour3 with both a firewire interface and MIDI controls working.

When you omit this option, ‘default’ PCM device is used. I use Ubuntustudio 9. So how would one obtain the firmware first of all, and then how is it uploaded to the device in Linux??

Hi, I’ve compiled libfreebob from the Audiophjle Pro-Audio overlay. This will display the device and its GUID 7. I guess you record from PulseAudio, not directly from your device.


Release Notes/3.x – IEEE FireWire Wiki

My setup is Ubuntu, Is there a low latency kernel audoiphile well?? Stream format command failed send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops send oops For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

I don’t yet try on Windows but I think that this is caused by the firmware or by the Audiophile. Both those interfaces have never given me a problem with Linux, so I suspect a clever layering of ffado and ice drivers could bring it all together.

Ok to all of those looking how to upload firmware, it is possible, however it seems to me that the device is turned all the way down.

[ubuntu-studio-devel] ALSA firewire drivers

ProjectMix [ProjectMix], device 0: And this time I have tried to capture audio and it works. I found it on this page http: When I boot back into Linux it will work quite well toobut only until I kill jackd. Skip to main content.

Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Call audiophils testing final: I’ve tried Googling audiophilf, but I can’t find this exact ifo anywhere Where can I find this magic number I looked into the source code of ffado, but I found nothing helpful This is a PPA, which means a personal package archive, and it adds an extra quantity of software like kernels or apps available for you to install using your package manager.


Currently PulseAudio fails to detect devices which my drivers supports.

[SOLVED] KXStudio + M-Audio FireWire Audiophile – LinuxMusicians

October 14th, 8. I think you failed because there were several processes of ‘ffado-dbus-server’. Hi Matt, May 05 I’ve add info about the audiophile to the wiki and have been working on making a mixer for it so that we can turn up the volume.

Free forum by Nabble. ALSA driver can detect it and report it to syslog: Try in following steps: Then I want to add testers’ name into the patches with ‘Tested-By’ field.

The time now is I just leave the power button on and it boots with the computer.

The firmware is attached to this post. But according to the ‘index’ field in this output, I can see HEAD in your local repository is based on this: Here’s how yo upload firmware to the device anyway: