I’m out of warranty as well. If it was isolated Volume Shadow Copy Driver Version: Now I am considering replacing my drive. Guess I’ll have to buy a new drive. Has anyone had any luck with them just sending out a new burner?

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HP is not the only company that does this.

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At first it was a “track following error” now i just get the message that the write failed. Since HP support sucks so much and hasn’t been able to help me at all, i went elsewhere for help, and posted on another forum. MS Proxy Clock Version: Symantec Event Library Version: Now my drive isn’t responding at all. Nero PhotoSnap image editor Version: MS Remote Access serial network driver Version: If anyone knows a way to upload them on this site, or if HP wants a copy of the folder to put on their website for firmware please let me know.


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Thanks to HP for sending a replacement drive that works! I don’t want to have to bother with calling them, spending ages fhsata2 hold and then so much bullshit admin to get it replaced, but i guess thats what im going to have to do.

First unit I bought from Fry’s had a bad hard drive. But an amazing thing happenend — it was the last day of my warranty and mm7350n person is apparently well-compensated for selling an extended warranty.

I have a folder on my computer with firmware for b writer. Has anyone come up with anything yet, or am I looking at replacing the drive? Unfortunately, as ftsatta2 the others in this forum — this did not solve the problem. FT Disk Driver Version: Redirector Filter Driver Version: Redbook Audio Filter Driver Version: I tried the firmware and nothing changed.

I have the b writer and My DVD’s just copy 10 percent of the time. I told them they were nuts and argued with them for an hour before relenting. Can anyone guess what their solution was?


I’m having the exact same problem. Sorry about the Rant.

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Infra-Red Bus Enumerator Version: The center in India has a terrible telephone connection – they can hear me fine but they sound like they are in a tunnel with a bad echo. Processor Device Driver Version: Reformating the hard drive is the biggest joke I have heard of.

HP even sent me a new b. I’ve even reformated and reinstalled XP Media from scratch a couple times. Ahead Software AG Description: Parallel Port Driver Version: Firewall Filter Driver Version: Windows XP Professional 5.