I could get good reception with no intervening obstacles up to 20 feet away from the iPod or the PowerBook. Paring headphones with audio devices doesn’t generally require a passkey entry, it seems to be automatic. Setting up the BlueWave with iPods. The power LED light is too small, making it difficult to know if the headphones are on or off. Both units performed at foot greater distances than i-Phono, and sounded at least as good.

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Bluetooth technology is a short-range up to 30 feet wireless protocol that allows wireless devices to communicate with each other. This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. The Weeks Division of MyMac. The ear cushions are leather pads, providing comfortable listening for over two hours at a stretch.

Handing off phone calls to Apple Watch. Catalyst launches new Special Edition Waterproof…. Macally Bluewave Wireless Headphones passkey.

My tests have macalky over 24 hours of usage, and the batteries are still good. MacAlly advertises a 30 foot range for the BlueWave, and I found their claims to be no more exaggerated than other manufacturers.

Review: Macally BlueWave Bluetooth Stereo and Streaming Headset | iLounge

Learn How We Rate Products. Capturing iOS and tvOS screenshots using…. All the alphabet soup does not help here to tell if this works with bluetloth. I can’t be your learning resource or book.


I found a small movement headpuones the volume knob could increase the volume more than I expected, with startling results. The word is A2DP. Like i-Phono but unlike naviPlay, BlueWave includes and largely depends upon its own pair of battery-powered stereo headphones, in this case a large silver and black set of earcups that generally looks and feels pretty good.

Be sure to turn off both the dongle and the headphones when not in use.

The BlueWave has good audio quality. Design and Comparisons All three products include white glossy plastic transmitters bluetootj connect to your iPod and broadcast its music through the air.

Since my original post I have managed to contact Macally’s tech section and they said to try Twelve South Journal for MacBook. Sexually explicit or offensive language Spam: The BlueWave fits my head and ears wonderfully.

You can’t use any old bluetooth dongle and stack. What do you mean by common code? I have no idea what the macxlly of these headphones is. Thanks for headpgones info and helping me get pointed in the right direction.


Both the dongle and the headphones have a power-on light, but they are small and easy to overlook. Macally designed it to support the AD2P audio profile so that it can be paired with a Bluetooth-enabled computer for stereo sound, and we quickly achieved pairing in our initial connection with an Apple PowerBook G4 running Tiger.

Tablet and Phone Coupon Codes. Forget this step and the headphones will be working, but not getting any sound from the Mac. Twelve South Journal CaddySack. The power LED light is too small, making it difficult to know if the headphones are on or off. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.

Macally Buewave Wireless Headphones passkey

I used to call myself an audiophile, but too much time hwadphones jet airplanes has reduced some of my high-end hearing acuity. Stereo Bluetooth takes a very recent incarnation of the “stack. Activating Cellular Service on the Apple….