Lomographer henryohead reveals his secret as to how he draws illustrations by superimposing images together. Ideally I would borrow one, take detailed measurements and make a 3d print file for others who have lost their tray. Blow off dust particles with an air compressor or a can of compressed air. Having been dissatisfied with the quality of the film scans coming out of my flatbed scanner, I decided to try a second-hand dedicated film scanner. The kit includes holders for four slides and for a six-frame strip of negatives; these are sturdy and well-designed. Unscrew the 2 black screws on top, towards the front of the scanner photo 4.

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You’ll find a wealth of additional options for greater control over all aspects of a scan, and most will be familiar to anyone with experience with an advanced image-editing program.

Ready for Your Close-Up?: Best Selling in Scanners See all. Any Condition Any Condition. Updating the driver I think I can handle. To eliminate any remaining spots, plan to use the cloning brush in Photoshop Elements 2. Create new account Request new password. Great film scanner for best price.

Final Assessment Although I recommend a dedicated film scanner over a flat-bed with a Jinolta for 35mm film scans, I’ll concede munolta flat-beds offer some advantages. I was able to correct scsn of these image parameters effectively B at the pre-scan stage, using the various advanced and fully adjustable tools available in the DS Dual 4 Utility. Only do what is absolutely needed; otherwise, you risk unnecessarily scratching the surfaces or introducing more dust than you were trying to remove.


I did use last two years Great film scanner for best price.

Sure enough, the scans were very sharp — the film scanner is capturing the images recorded on film more faithfully than my flatbed scanner. Following a routine of surfing and shooting in film, we get to know more about Tatsuo’s life and work in this interview.

How I Installed the 2003 Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV 35mm Film Scanner in Windows 10

Whitetail in the Snow. Lomography Online Shop Gift Certificates are the perfect present for every analogue devotee on your gift list.

Also, the Minolta does APS. A look inside a second-hand dedicated film scanner to locate the key parts that may need cleaning — the mirror, lens, lamp, and the sensor. Try each of the “Pixel Polish” features and observe the effect that it produces on the large preview image.

Learn how mknolta comment data is processed. The best out on the web for ninolta situation. Ideally I would borrow one, take detailed measurements and make a 3d print file for others who have lost their tray.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV Scanner | eBay

The full suite of advanced image-enhancing tools provides incredible versatility. Not all screens and options are shown in these illustrations.

A dpi scan; levels, curves, selective color correction, color variations, and Unsharp Mask applied in DS Dual 4 Utility; no other adjustments made. Additional Product Features Focus Option. No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox. Convenience And Ease Of Use Although this is a pro-caliber scanner in some respects, the minute setup and installation process is quite easy, guided by the instruction manual and on-screen recommendations.


Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV Scanner

Pusang Bubong Roof Cat. After minor corrections in the DS Dual 4 Utility, sacn dpi scan produced a beautiful 35MB image file that required only slight tweaking, plus application of the USM filter, in Photoshop before making a print. Technical Specifications Optical Input Resolution: The scanner I replaced with this one lasted years and scanned many photos. Here are a few ideas to try!

Under close examination, the 11×16″ prints are gorgeous, superior to those that I’ve made from 35mm film scans generated by a dpi flat-bed with TPU.

On the other side of the lens lies the CCD charge-coupled device sensor.

Copy the following content, which I found in this blog post at Fixyainto a text file called sonyscanners. Latest Trending Photos Videos.