Background Calibration – this is a neat feature that allows a background e. Meyer Instruments Imaging Software. Free editing software like VirtualDub offers plenty of facilities for resizing, cropping and compressing. Most features are self explanatory. The file is resized from the x master. The calibration save name can be chosen to suit if desired e.

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The analysis results can be exported in text or spreadsheet format. The calibration save name can be chosen to suit if desired e. Full screen of Motic Images Plus 2. It shows some promise for ‘digiscoping’ although the limited dynamic range may not cope with contrasty scenes.

Four centring mounts 28 mm, 30 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm with quick release. Link the camera to any microscope with one of the 4 microscope adapters provided and instantly turn any scope moic a Digital Microscope. This solution is also applicable for non-Motic microscopes.

This combination will give you the freedom to continue observing with both eyes, while having the Moticam connected.

For users with more efficient microscope lamps this may not be a factor. Remove an eyepiece from the microscope and replace it with the Moticam-Eyetube adapter combination.


Statieven Zuilen en adapters Buisringen Zwaluwstaarten en klemmen Tegengewichten Poolzoekers, polemaster Wedges Stroomvoorziening Transport en dollies.

A focusable coated glass lens matched to the size of the imaging chip. Adapters There are two ways to mount your Moticam into your microscope.

Selection of images Click each for master. Could be useful for e. The preview is set at x here but can be set up to the full capture size of x Captured images appear in the right hand vertical box.

Supported by our own In-House team of Software and Mechanical Engineers, each Moticam has the necessary equipment to help you turn your images into knowledge. A full version of Motic Images Plus application software provides all you need to quantify, measure, annotate, teach, learn Attach this camera to your microscope’s eyepiece or to a trinocular port and view live images on a PC, Projector or a TV Monitor simultaneously thanks to the ‘s triple output.

See example below of unretouched captures, which can almost seamlessly remove the eyepiece field of view limit.

Motic Digital Microscope Moticam 1 USB Camera with measurement and image processing software option

Our well-known Software that comes included with all Moticams has been completely re-designed! Unitron Metallograph Microscopes Forensic Microscopes. Camera used with ‘C’ mount adaptor not supplied straight into the eyepiece camerz. Enjoy crisp and clear live images. This can autodetect the edges of shapes in a captured image. See Klaus Kemp’s website for the range of slides available to purchase. With a live image of x pixels, this image can be projected in any lecture or classroom environment without fear of pixelation.


Browse for Microscopes

See what your Moticam box includes. For many years, our unique “From Box to Pics” approach has given a wide range of markets unprecedented access to affordable Digital Microscopy.

No problems were experienced in set-up or use. Click image for master 1.

Video or time lapse capture. The micrometer slide has calibrated spots and a 0. The ‘Accuracy’ option is the no. The seamless integration of image capture and measurement features could be of particular interest e. Objective Imaging Imaging Software.