Edited September 3, by coolguy I will try to have the new version up by the end of the day this Friday. Also, I get distortion at high volume, whereas I never used to. P I try your last package but i get a code 10 error during manual installation Here are id numbers: Michael’s modded drivers cause my soundcard to crash since the speakers to headphones handoff doesn’t work properly.

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Posted October 6, I listen to music much more on my pc, since I don’t want to buy another ipod touch really. I did some investigation and determined that the reason for the quality loss was the “system effects” being turned on in the IDT driver. Michael, ahdio you please help extract the functionality from A and make it match with my ancient Dell HDMI version?

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Your changes don’t actually affect the “beats” headphones, I have a pair and they sound the same before and after using this driver. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Would it be possible to explain how to mod the latest original HP drivers to work on my Dell Precision M? Sign up for a new account in our community.


Basically, if I didn’t understand something, I stripped it from my driver. It’s just frustrating that the installer INI, while highly modifiable, doesn’t seem to be TOO consistent over the course of several recent driver revisions.


Device manager shows the hardware IDs as:.

I just decided that the whole APO thing was a waste of time anyway. Might you please have any advice for me, Michael?

Dell with vista all of sudden has high hiss from the mic with barely audible input from the mic. Edited Audik 3, by coolguy Posted October 18, Kill all of the secondary features except Andrea noise cancellation, which I actually find useful for Skype on the rare occasion I use the built-in Mic My plan right now is to try to install the HP drivers but add in my inf either from the latest drivers from Dell, sm from Michael’s latest sets of INFs if I can find my DevID easily enough.

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Most of the drivers I modded for my own laptop before I released my current driver were based on HP drivers.

I had tried turning OFF all the audio effects and didn’t notice any difference in the audio quality, atleast in my Vaio FZ with the Stac card Equivalent. Hello, I’m using on a Vostro Win7 x64which has this string: The difference was pretty obvious on wudio, but more so with the headphones.

I followed the directions and all is well except for line-in, which I like to use for a mic.

I can’t say I notice the difference, but I want the opinion of others too. INI” Hope you can help as my current testing indicates that my problem is related to the apos which I do not fully understand and I liked your method of not installing them. I immediately noticed that the audio quality was much better clearer, louder, more bass, etc.


Also, if you are trying to reproduce what I am talking about, you must turn off the audio effects completely in the playback devices control panel or just use my drivers. Sign In Sign Up. Thanks for all the hard work on these drivers, even though the manufactures have given up support. Anyway, INI files and give me pretty good sound. Yes, I know they didn’t license the Beats trademark, but I’m not too concerned about that. Hi, Michael Marleyany news for support of this laptop with Windows 7 64bit?

That would probably explain what I was seeing. Posted September 19, A few of the lower-numbered INIs claim to have some beats functionality, but it seems to be limited to presets in the standard IDT control panel.

May not support some non-standard output configurations dual headphone jacks Input device names on the “Recording” tab may be wrong in some circumstances.

In looking at the INF 32 bit version I saw that it references some 64 bit files.