Comparison of netbooks Netbook manufacturers Comparison of netbook-oriented Linux distributions. Follow the instructions above to repair the permissions. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. I was able to set the Sentelic touchpad in an ASUS ZenBook UX21E to absolute positioning mode which allows side-scrolling and enable some support for multitouch by accessing register 0x90 and patching the kernel driver. We were wondering if this is still an issue? Regardless of choice, finish by hooking up the external device CD drive or USB stick to the notebook. Hans, I found out I had sentelic by using the “xinput list” command I found at https:

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When I double click fspc icon, I get “fsp not detected” 2 Setelic not get synaptics driver work either Error message: I’m having a hard time collecting all the information from the different sources on kext, boot process I stupidly didn’t install the one, but simply copied it over the original one.


Posted January 16, I installed Win7 on it, and without any additional driver, the touchpad works.

MSI Wind U100

I’m very thankful if someone can explain about it. View all comments or add a comment. Earl The reason it’s psmouse. Do we have anything in the way of a roadmap?

Will this bug be fixed for the next Ubuntu?

Download MSI Wind U Notebook Sentelic Touchpad Driver for Win7

The current status at least with driver from https: I’m glad that the touchpad works for you in Lucid. And another big thanks for removing the click-on-tap. Jerone Young jerone wrote on It’s interesting that Sentelic’s engineer said that.

It’s the upper and lower right corners of the trackpad. I haven’t tested against eentelic. No slide scroll in HW.

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat I personally don’t like the corner scrolling; I find it very difficult to hit the correct regions. Finally found guys who have the same laptop and experience problems with touch pad: Posted January 24, Any advice for an Ubuntu noob like me to prevent disaster? I expect it’s this function in the Linux driver.


Go to the extracted directory and run make. I think you need to do the reset thing.

MSI Wind Netbook

The webcam should be supported through the uvcvideo module by default, if not:. The guy from ArchLinux community winx Sentelic company, and got some feedback and updates from them.

It is wund out of the box, but you cannot configure the touchpad except as root using echo commands. It should be autodetected using modules btusb, bluetooth and rfkill.

That would be fabulous! Hello, does the sentelic linux driver still works with ubuntu Especially when it comes to Terminal commands. Arcan17 andre-breton wrote on Every time the mouse pointer goes jumpy “psmouse.