For more information, you can visit the developer’s site. You sir are a legend, just tried this on Windows 10 and it worked perfectly…… I will be able to continue using my PS2 Camera for headtracking….. Else try a reboot and enter last two commands again to see if that works…. Windows will show a popup showing either ‘Found New Harware: For Christmas a Playstation 2 Eye toy entered the home, and it’s a pretty neat little toy when hooked to the PS2.

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Much appreciated Metric Rat! For anyone using 8. You can test your new webcam by running for example Skype or MSN Messenger and do webcam setup there! A rare foray into the world of Windows, but with a new PC and Windows 8 on board, set about getting the old Eyetoy to work as a webcam. It mentions that the cam is already in use.

Not to mention it has really fast download speeds. eyee

EyeToy USB camera Namtai Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

Checked the task manager but nothing using the cam is running. This is only in one place.


I nnamtai along fine until the steps that say: Does the camera work as normal before reboot? Sounds like this is a Skype question as opposed to an eyetoy question?

PS2 Eyetoy on Windows 8 64 bit – working !!

I’ll also use it for Skyping with family. Hey, this took a while to get my head round but worked in the end! Thanks and glad it is still working. Windows automatically installs the required drivers and you’re now all set!! I managed to overcome the error, I think, by using method 2 in this link.

As a driver for a sony playstation two eye toy camera so that i can test to make sure that they all work fine before selling them blah, blah. A reliable driver you must have for your webcam Piergagnon Coulibaly. This program is great.

Leave naktai Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Namati should look something like this: This issue on Windows 7 64 bit had been resolved by taking the Hercules OmniVision 64 bit driver and tweaking some of the entries.

However, it turns out that it’s also a dirt cheap, high quality camera compatible with the PC after a bit of hacking! No namgai required VGA resolution support Omnivision OV CMOS chip Microphone included to record short clips which you can save on your memory card Adjusts color space For more information, you can visit the developer’s site. Thanks it worked on my 64 bit system, Can you please give the link for 32 bit Hercules drivers.


Infared capabilities make it excellent for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. The drivers can be found here:. The drivers can be found here: Sorry for the multiple replies this is on a windows 8.

My very initial testing of the EyeToy Namtai shows that it is capable of a resolution of x pixels and the default colour balance, framerate etc seems very good.

Windows will show a popup showing either ‘Found New Naamtai Works perfectly with Windows 10 Pro bit.

If not, you may not have got the disabling commands correct in the first place?